24 DIY Fairy, Dragon, And Butterfly Wings For Kids

    Who doesn't want wings? (Not guaranteed to actually fly.)

    1. These Wings That Would Send Tinker Bell Into A Red-Faced Jealous Rage

    2. These Four Layered Paper Wings

    3. These Whimsical Toddler-Friendly Wings

    4. These Wings That Will Leave No Question WHOOOO Is The Wisest Bird At Summer Camp

    5. These Wings That Will Make Your Kid At Least LOOK Angelic.

    6. These Wings That Are Only As Complicated As You Want Them To Be

    7. These Wings That Will Make You Popular With Kids and Bronies Alike

    8. These Super Easy Gauze Wings

    9. These Not As Easy Gauze Wings That Will Last Longer

    10. These Dream Catcher Wings

    11. This Wing Art, Perfect For Baby's First Biker Jacket

    12. These Awesome And Sturdy Dragon Wings

    13. These Wings That You Can Make With Stuff You Already Have

    14. These Wings That Kind Of Look Like the Owl Wings But Aren't Attached

    15. These Wings For The Literary Hipster Child

    16. These Wings For BATMAN! Or Bat Boy. Or Just a Bat!

    17. These Simple Coffee Filter Wings

    18. These Wings Which Could Work For Kids Too

    19. These Wings That There's No Way Kids Should Be Allowed To Play With

    20. These Wings For Even The Tiniest Fairies and Dragons

    21. This High Volume Wing DIY

    22. These Wings Which Are Actually A Felt Shawl

    23. These Insanely Awesome Paper Plate Wings

    24. This DIY Wings Cutout Tee