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24 DIY Fairy, Dragon, And Butterfly Wings For Kids

Who doesn't want wings? (Not guaranteed to actually fly.)

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3. These Whimsical Toddler-Friendly Wings


Let your kiddos collect up flowers and leaves from your garden and then do your best to press them between contact paper and not let them die inside the plastic. Full instructions HERE.

4. These Wings That Will Leave No Question WHOOOO Is The Wisest Bird At Summer Camp


This super-crafty owl version attaches to a shirt and can provide HOURS of activity for kids who are proficient with scissors. Full tutorial at Llevo el invierno.

5. These Wings That Will Make Your Kid At Least LOOK Angelic.


Tissue paper, scissors, wire hangers (sorry Joan Crawford), wire cutters, and heavy duty tape gets your these impressive angel wings.

7. These Wings That Will Make You Popular With Kids and Bronies Alike / Via Emerald Smith

Quick, easy, and the tracing and cutting makes this a great option to do with kiddos Kindergarten and up.


8. These Super Easy Gauze Wings

Yes, this photo is of an adult probably at some sort of desert music festival, but the DIY is kid-friendly, super easy, and can be done without any sewing what-so-ever.

9. These Not As Easy Gauze Wings That Will Last Longer


You'll need a sewing machine for this sturdy version of the DIY gauze wings, but I bet they'll last for quiet a few more flying hours than the pinned together version.


15. These Wings For The Literary Hipster Child


Cut out wings from poster board and even your tiniest kids can help cut and paste the newsprint collage style. Bonus points for using the music section of an obscure paper.


23. These Insanely Awesome Paper Plate Wings


This tutorial is actually for Holiday Mantle Decor, but there's no reason you can't reinforce the back with duct tape and add some arm straps instead of a picture hanger. BOOM. Coolest wings ever.


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