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    Tiffany Haddish Revealed What She Did When She Met Her Celebrity Crushes And I'm Kinda Jealous

    SHE READYYY...for some puppies!

    Taylor Miller / Charlotte Gomez / BuzzFeed

    Not only does Tiffany Haddish love making people laugh, but she's also a big fan of dogs! So, we thought it would be perfect to have her answer YOUR fan questions, while playing with some super-cute rescue puppies.


    Well, Tiffany just so happened to be in NYC promoting her new film Nobody's Fool, so that's exactly what we did:

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    What's your favorite quality about yourself and what's one thing you're insecure about?


    Tiffany Haddish: I would say one of my favorite qualities about me is my booty. I really like my butt. One of the things I'm insecure about is my eyebrows.

    Considering your difficult past, what advice would you give to young kids who have big dreams, but feel stuck?


    TH: I would say move forward. Figure out what it is that you love to do, stay focused, stay focused, STAY FOCUSED! Do one thing every day toward your goal and get there. You will get there. No matter how bad something is right now, that means there's something good on the other side of that bad. Like, if a puppy takes a poop right now, I know that somebody in here has a plastic bag to get that poop up and get it out of here. See how that go?

    Build a playlist including songs for when you're feeling sad, ready to party, and thinking of bae.



    *Sad: I like to play upbeat music to change that emotion, so you know some Ciara, Beyoncé, and James Brown. I play that type of music when I'm feeling sad, because that raises my vibration. I don't like to be sad.

    *Ready to party: I play some Beyoncé, some Ciara, some Snoop Dogg, and some 2 Live Crew.

    *Thinking of bae: When I'm thinking of a dude, I like to play some Erykah Badu, some Maxwell, some Marvin Gaye, and some Beyoncé.

    Who was your favorite actor/actress to work with so far and who was the most difficult to work with?


    TH: My most favorite actor or actress to work with thus far is the cat from Keanu, the movie I was in with Jordan Peele. The cat, her name was Clementine, and she now lives with me. She's amazing to work with and live with. The worst to work with was a baby that was in a scene. I don't even remember that baby's name. I just know that baby was NOT a good baby.

    What's one skill you wish you possessed or wished you were better at?


    TH: I wish I possessed the skill of talking to animals. I can talk to them, but I'm not good at it. I wish I was better at it, so I could get them to talk back. We working on it.

    What shows are you currently obsessed with right now?


    TH: I'm currently obsessed with reruns of She-Ra: Princess of Power and He-Man. I like The Smurfs. I like watching Empire and I'm obsessed with reruns of Pound Puppies.

    If you were a superhero, what would be your kryptonite?


    TH: Cheese. I can't stand cheese. I like some types of cheese, but they all mess my stomach up. But sometimes I mess with it anyway, just to humble myself.

    Tell us your worst first date story.


    TH: We don't have time for that, but I will tell you this: the man's car STANK! And to this day, I don't let men pick me up for dates. I meet them there, because I did not want — Oh shoot! That happened too! A mother fucker tried to hump me. That happened too. They tried to hump me for no — I was like, "Hello? We in Chili's, why you tryna hump me in the Chili's? Stop it."

    Who is your celebrity crush and what would you do if you met them?


    TH: I've met my celebrity crushes. There are several. And when I met them, I asked them on a date, I asked if I could cook for them, I asked if I could rub on their bodies...they all turned me down.

    Trevor Noah. Michael B. Jordan.

    What movie genre would you do outside of comedy?


    TH: Well, drama, gangsta movies — I'm doing a romantic comedy right now, so I'd do a romantic drama. Haha, love stories. I would love to do docum — documented type movies, well not documented movies. What's it called when you do someone's life story? Life-story movies.

    What was the last Groupon you purchased?


    TH: An adult toy, because I broke the last one. I'm not really dating right now so, we have to do what we have to do. I like to call it: safe sex. And nobody does it like me.

    You used to work as an energy producer to boost the energy of an audience. What puts you in a good mood?


    TH: Things that put me in a really good mood? thoughts.

    What do you think your job would be if you weren't an actress or comedian?


    TH: I would be a sex education teacher, because I think it's very important to teach people how to have proper sex.

    Be sure to catch Tiffany Haddish in her new movie Nobody's Fool, in theaters now!

    Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

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