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    5 Shows On Disney+ That Will Take Any Millennial Back To Middle School

    They're finally here!

    Disney+ has finally arrived and I couldn't be happier!


    With more than 7,500 episodes of past and current TV shows, 400+ films, 100+ recent movies, and 25+ original series, there's literally something for EVERYONE!

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    It would literally take me hours to talk about all of my favorite featured films and Disney Channel Original Movies that are on there, so I thought I'd save us both the time by telling you which TV shows I'm most excited about.

    Here are my top five shows on Disney+ that are bound to bring back some positive and hilarious memories for any millennial:

    1. That's So Raven (2003)

    Disney Channel

    That's So Raven was truly ahead of its time! Not only did the star of the show, Raven-Symoné, make history by becoming the first black woman to have her name in the title of a TV comedy since 1939, but she also provided the vocals for the catchy theme song. In the show she plays Raven Baxter, a high school student with psychic abilities who learns to manage her visions with the help of her besties Eddie (Orlando Brown) and Chelsea (Anneliese van der Pol), as well as her supportive family. From the incredible costume changes to the hilarious one-liners, this show was EVERYTHING!

    Fun Fact: You can also find Raven as a mom in the reboot, Raven's Home, on Disney+ as well.

    2. Lizzie McGuire (2001)

    Disney Channel

    From fashion to friendship, Lizzie McGuire had it all! The series followed three best friends Lizzie (Hilary Duff), Miranda (Lalaine), and Gordo (Adam Lamberg) as they navigated their way through middle school. What I loved most about this show was how relatable the problems were. Hello, does anyone remember the bra episode?!

    Fun Fact: Since the show is officially being rebooted, why not binge-watch the original series before the new one premieres.

    3. Boy Meets World (1993)

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    Boy Meets World is all about Cory Matthews, his family, his best friend Shawn Hunter, and his crush Topanga. The series is a true coming-of-age story, as we see Cory and his crew transition from sixth grade and all the way through college. Not only did the characters provide comic relief, but they also weren't afraid to tackle serious topics like child abuse, underage drinking, sexual harassment, and more.

    Fun Fact: You can also find the spinoff series, Girl Meets World, on Disney+ as well, where fans get to see Cory and Topanga as parents.

    4. Smart Guy (1997)

    The WB

    After realizing he's a boy genius, the school system allows TJ Henderson (Tahj Mowry) to jump from fourth grade to tenth grade, ultimately landing in the same high school as his two older siblings, Marcus (Jason Weaver) and Yvette (Essence Atkins). IF that's not a recipe for hilarious drama, I don't know what is! The family dynamic was so well-written and fun to follow, plus there were some pretty incredible guest stars...Beyoncé, anyone?

    Fun Fact: Tahj went on to star in several other Disney movies and series that you can find on Disney+, like Kim Possible and Hounded.

    5. Even Stevens (2000)

    Disney Channel

    There's something about dysfunctional families that makes for perfect TV and one of my favorites broods is the Stevens household. Starring a young Shia LaBeouf as the super mischievous Louis Stevens, fans are taken on a wild ride each episode as he pulls numerous pranks on his family and enemies, then finds a way to weasel out of trouble with help from his friends.

    Fun Fact: Fans can also find the equally funny The Even Stevens Movie on Disney+.

    Excuse me while I binge these titles for the rest of the year. Didn't see your favorite on the list? Tell us about which show you're most excited about in the comments below.

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