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    23 Moments "Boy Meets World" Got Way, Way Too Real

    Prepare to cry all over again.

    1. When Shawn finally admitted this to himself.

    2. When Eric loved Tommy by letting him go.

    3. When Chet Hunter died.

    4. When they fast-forwarded seven years to Mr. Feeny's retirement party, and no one was friends anymore.

    5. When Cory and Shawn blew up this picture of Rachel for the whole school to see.

    6. When Cory's parents refused to help him and Topanga buy a house with a nook, making them fend for themselves.

    7. When Alan refused to wish Eric a happy birthday.

    8. When Topanga said she couldn't marry Cory.

    9. When Eric found out he wasn't going to college after all.

    10. When Cory and Shawn tried to help a girl with an abusive father.

    11. When Topanga's parents told her they were getting a divorce.

    12. And when Cory found out that Topanga's dad cheated on her mom.

    13. When Eric pointed out how Cory kicked him out of his life.

    14. When Shawn joined a cult, and Alan stood up to the leader.

    15. When Shawn begged God to save Mr. Turner's life after his motorcycle accident.

    16. When Alan accused Shawn of being a bad influence on Cory.

    17. When a professor made a move on Topanga, and Cory hit him.

    18. When Cory said this low blow to Shawn.

    19. When Angela was afraid she'd leave Shawn like her mother left her father.

    20. When Cory cheated on Topanga, and then lied about it to her face.

    21. And when Topanga found out and broke up with Cory.

    22. When Joshua Matthews almost died.

    23. And when Mr. Feeny dismissed class one final time.