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    People Can't Get Over Michelle Obama Hitting Harry Styles In The Balls With A Dodgeball

    When he aimed low, she aimed LOWER!

    During a recent episode of The Late Late Show, James Corden traded in his popular Carpool Karaoke series for a fun game of Celebrity Dodgeball.

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    The teams were divided by geography: USA vs. UK — battling it out to see which country was better. Former first lady Michelle Obama led the US team, while James captained for UK.

    Meet Team USA:

    Meet Team UK:

    One the game began, the players did NOT hold back!

    And things got real intense, really quickly.

    But the most entertaining part of the video came when Harry Styles was forced to fend for himself, as the last remaining UK player during Round 1.

    Unfortunately, he wasn't ready for the amazing force that is: MICHELLE OBAMA! When he aimed low, she aimed LOWER!

    She nailed Harry right in the balls and his reaction said it all!

    But despite his pain, Team USA couldn't help but point and laugh!

    I replayed that part about 8 times and I wasn't the only one trying to relive the moment:

    i never in my life thought i’d see michelle obama hit harry styles in the dick with a dodgeball but hey god works in mysterious ways

    May I Present To You: Michelle Obama Hitting Harry Styles in the Balls With a Dodgeball

    the fact that we just saw michelle obama hit harry styles in the dick with a dodgeball, what a time to be alive

    me when michelle obama’s dodgeball hit harry’s crotch

    I did, on every emotional and spiritual level, need to see Michelle Obama hitting Harry Styles in the nuts with a dodgeball

    The fact that he tried to jump to dodge the ball but he ended up getting hit in the balls by Michelle Obama is KILLING ME

    All's fair in love and dodgeball, right?