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15 Main TV Characters Who Almost Ruined The Show For People

The people have spoken.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which main character from a TV show kind of sucked and the responses didn't disappoint!

Here's what they had to say:

🚨Some submissions contain series spoilers.🚨

1. Jessica Day β€” New Girl


"She's the worst. She’s kooky we get it, but that gets old quick. Everyone around her has to match her values and beliefs. She even shames her best friend Cece for being a model and it's disgusting. To top it off, Jess got married in the middle of a hospital ward β€” a way to add on to her kooky persona. All I could think was, 'Ma'am, people are ill. Leave them be!'"


2. Emily Cooper β€” Emily in Paris


"Emily has to be the most unlikeable character ever created. She is brutally ignorant, arrogant, and disrespectful. Honestly, the whole show is a mess. It's a poor attempt at romanticizing cheating and even poorer representation of French culture."


3. Walter White β€” Breaking Bad


"He's absolutely evil and there is literally nothing redeeming about him. When he killed Jesse's girlfriend, I absolutely lost my shit. He's such a horrible, disgusting person. I think I actually would have liked the show if Jesse was the real main character."


4. Sabrina Spellman β€” Chilling Adventures of Sabrina


"It could be the writing and not her as an actor, but she was very precocious and just kept making bad decisions. She had very strong convictions in herself, didn't listen to advice, and mostly came out on the wrong end of things. I couldn't keep watching."


5. Ginny Miller β€” Ginny & Georgia


"She's definitely got issues and I do sympathize with her, but even after finding out about the awful treatment her mom Georgia suffered from her parents, Ginny still didn't seem to understand that Georgia was trying to protect her. Plus she's extremely rude to her mom as well. She has this woe-is-me attitude, yet still cheated on Hunter when he was really sweet to her. Ginny also dragged her traumatized, 9-year-old brother along on her melodramatic escapade and it was selfish. I hope she gets a better character arc in Season 2."


6. Daphne Bridgerton and Simon Bassett β€” Bridgerton


"I really wanted to enjoy the series, but I found the two main characters so boring! Both of them hardly had any personality. They certainly had sexual chemistry, but extremely little romantic chemistry. Their relationship was so drawn out. Ultimately, the show did nothing interesting with its characters and almost none of them were exciting."


7. Rachel Berry β€” Glee


"She was selfish, annoying, and always wanted to be the star of the show, or the soloist in whatever song the glee club was performing. Rachel was never interested in sharing the spotlight with anyone. Don't get me wrong, she has a great singing voice, but her personality annoyed me."


8. Kimmy Schmidt β€” Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt


"I love the show, but after repeat viewings, Kimmy Schmidt’s relentless cheeriness grated on me. I preferred scenes showcasing Titus, Lillian, or Jaqueline."


9. Owen Hunt β€” Grey's Anatomy


"He's literally the worst character on Grey's! Between the anti-abortion accusations, cheating on Cristina to hurt her back, calling her selfish every time she didn't want something he wanted, refusing to understand why Amelia didn't want children after the death of her son, telling her she was incapable of love after she left him, refusing an abortion to a patient after Amelia told him Link and her were gonna have a baby, not recommending his sister in the Army for her dream job even though she was qualified because he thought she should focus on marriage and children, getting with Teddy after years of 'I have feelings for you but I'm with Beth/Cristina/Amelia β€” the list goes on. I didn't even feel bad for him when Teddy cheated on him on their wedding day, that's how much I hate him."


10. Ann Perkins β€” Parks & Recreation


"I looooooove Parks & Rec, but I cannot stand Ann. Her personality is basically nonexistent. She's so bland. She really adds nothing to the show. I was super happy when she moved to Michigan. Not only is the character boring, but I don't think Rashida Jones is a good actress. This is especially true during the episodes where Ann has been drinking. She's not convincing at all at being tipsy/drunk."


11. Chloe Decker β€” Lucifer


"Tom Ellis's back has to hurt from carrying that show, because Lauren German's Chloe is honestly awful. I used to like her, but after going back and rewatching to get ready for Season 5 β€” not so much anymore. He saved her life so many times, and the second she finds out he is actually the devil (while saving her AGAIN), she runs away and then plots to kill him. She treated him like shit from the jump. Lucifer deserves much better."


12. Dre Johnson β€” Black-ish


"It seems like every episode was just an excuse to teach Dre how to be an emotionally mature and non-manipulative adult. All the other characters make the show. I still can’t understand why they keep building up his character for self-development, because his character arc has remained the same throughout the whole show."


13. Clarke Griffin β€” The 100

The CW

"She started out interesting, but after Season 2 she just became so one-dimensional. Being surrounded by much more compelling characters like Raven, Octavia, and Murphy didn't help either. Clarke became so boring and then downright inexcusable as the show went on. She acted like she was the only one who made tough choices or went through trauma, when she just wasn't."


14. Grace Adler β€” Will & Grace


"She is often very mean, rude, and extremely selfish. She made almost every situation about herself. It's meant to be funny, but it didn't age well."


15. Quentin Coldwater β€” The Magicians


"The Magicians seemed like the kind of show I'd like, but Quentin was so awful I had to give up on it. During every episode, he'd just be standing around with that blank stare, mouth hanging open, and either whining or talking like he was coming off heroin. Quentin was the worst!"


Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity. Not all submissions were from Community users.

Did you have a character in mind that didn't make the list? Let me know in the comments below!

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