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Twitter Doesn't Know How To Feel About Katy Perry's Dancing During Migos' "SNL" Performance


Over the weekend, Katy Perry and Migos helped SNL end its 42nd season with a bang when they hit the stage together to perform her new single "Bon Appétit."

Although the episode ended up being SNL's most watched finale since February 2011 with 8.3 million viewers, some people didn't know how to feel about Katy's dancing.

Check out the Twitter talk:

The love just wasn't enough for this fan:

I love Katy Perry but that whole thing was just.. yikes

Twitter: @__tykeria16

Some just couldn't see pass that elbow:

When you need Black culture to sell songs but you're whiter than Strom Thurmond drinking a glass of milk watching A…

Twitter: @Chris_Krapek

One even thought it was too embarrassing to watch:

pls stop posting videos of Katy Perry performances I cannot handle this much secondhand embarrassment

Twitter: @farwzz

While another thought Migos' safety was at stake:

Somebody please protect the Migos from Katy Perry. WTF IS SHE DOING???????

Twitter: @HerbMcDerb

So much so that they thought Katy's dance moves should be against the law:

Katy Perry's dancing should be made illegal in all 50 states & US territories.

Twitter: @RobJustJokin

Deeming it "awkward" on all levels:

Nothing can make you cringe more than Katy Perry during Migos part of the performance #AWKWARD

Twitter: @behlul_official

And then there was this comment:

Katy Perry looks like an out of touch teacher trying to relate to the black youth. This was hilariously terrible.

Twitter: @DOEDoobs

All viewers weren't left confused after the performance though; some really enjoyed every second of it:

Katy Perry just rocked that performance #SNLFinale

Twitter: @Jillers86

And they didn't understand why people were making a big deal about it:

Katy perry been making songs with rappers for yearsssss lol why is it a problem now? Y'all not gonna care in a week

Twitter: @ThatNiggaBuster

They were here for it all:

I am here for everything Katy Perry is bringing to this #SNLFinale.

Twitter: @clmigliori

And believed it was a performance they would never forget:

That was the most amazing musical performance ever!!! @katyperry #SNLFinale

Twitter: @ilovebonnieq

And, of course, we can't forget about those who blamed Miley Cyrus for the "new" Katy:

feel like katy perry and miley cyrus just freaky friday'ed their branding

Twitter: @crissymilazzo

Like somehow Miley was in control of Katy's body:

@GRlFFERS This is not katy perry btw this is the soul that left miley cyrus now it found another body and it belongs to katy perry

Twitter: @CrimsonDervish

They really weren't sure where this "new" Katy came from:

Katy Perry must've bought Bangerz era Miley swag at a yard sale or som.

Twitter: @ILLCapitano94

This viewer thought Katy was just filling Miley's spot:

Katy Perry saw the opportunity and filled the token white girl that wants to be black quota that was left vacant when Miley Cyrus left

And one even wondered if something attacked both of the singers:

Whatever parasite that was living in Miley's brain moved on and found a new host in Katy Perry

Twitter: @ilovecheerwine

The confusion continued:

I'm confused did Katy perry think that bc Miley is back to normal now she needed to take over for her or something.............

Twitter: @hailiebarber

And unfortunately, some just couldn't be bothered:

I am not here for this K-Mart version of 2013 Miley Cyrus that is Katy Perry.

Watch the full performance and let us know what you think:

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