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    John Cena Went On A First Date With His Fans And Things Got Really Interesting

    "I think it's fetish-worthy, but I think it weirds people out."

    John Cena captivated the world with his moves in the ring and compelling wrestling persona, but his appeal didn't stop with WWE. After he'd become a household name, fans soon began to see John on cereal boxes, in music videos, starring in movies like The Marine and Blockers, performing philanthropic work, and so much more.

    With more projects on his table, one of Hollywood's favorite renaissance men took time out of his busy schedule to go on a date with a few of his fans and answer some juicy questions.

    Here's what we learned.

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    Ade Mangum / BuzzFeed / Via

    I'm so excited for our first date. I just have one question: Do you manscape?

    John Cena: I'm excited for this date-like scenario. If you've seen anything that I've been a part of, yes. From here [points to eyebrows) down, is well taken care of. Ugh, so yes. There's no other way to answer that. Yes.

    Hey, John Cena. I'm super excited for our date and I just saw the movie Blockers, so I was wondering: If you had to butt-chug a beer, what kind of beer would you butt-chug and why?

    [sings] Hey John, if you could only read one book for the rest of your life, which book would it be? [eats jerky]

    JC: [sings in response] I don't have jerky, but a simple melody could answer this question. The simple work of one book compiling all books in the history of mankind – which would cut off today, so I wouldn't get anything past today. But like, if the Library of Congress were to make one book out of all their material.

    Man, I started off good thinking all I needed was a chorus, and then it kind of got into spoken word, and now I'm just answering the question. Ah shucks, if I only had jerky.

    So, Mr. Cena, do you like to kiss on the first date?

    Hey John Cena, I'm just gonna call you John because I feel like we're there already. What makes you cry and why?

    JC: So, person in the black dress, I'm just going to call you Gold Necklace, because I feel like we're there already. What makes me cry? Well, there are different types of crying, we all know that. There's the type of cry when you're depressed and you're kind of down on yourself; there's a type of emotional cry when you watch The Notebook; there's also a type of happy cry, when you watch a moment in sports where maybe your team wins for the first time in so long, and you cry tears of joy. All of those things kind of move me. As well as, like, weird dramas too. I cried while watching The Darkest Hour. That gives you an idea of where I'm at as a cryer, but I think we're there already so I can share that with you.

    Hey John Cena, before I go on a date with anybody I have to know the answer to this very important question: Do you believe in ghosts?

    JC: You've already sunk your own ship, because we're already on a date-like scenario, which means you're lying only to yourself. You can't go around saying things like, "I only do this if I get the answer to this question." Becasue we're already here. This is already happening. So, you're not a person of your word, which means you can't be trusted, which means you have to work on yourself and establish trust. And that totally got me out of the question, "Do I believe in ghosts or not?" and I'm pretty proud of that.

    If for some reason I had a giant pimple on my back and I could not reach it, would you pop it for me?

    What are your top five favorite movies?

    JC: Top five favorite movies, those are good questions. I was enthralled by the concept of The Matrix, so I'll say The Matrix. I love the way Star Wars tells movies, so I must say Star Wars. 2001: A Space Odyssey is real good. Caddyshack is in there. I'm a big Dangerfield guy. And I'm going to quit with four, leaving one open for debate, ’cause when I give my list everybody will be like, "I can't believe he picked those movies and didn't pick this movie." Well, I'm leaving you one spot so you can put your movie in there.

    I want to know what you're working on right now, because I saw you in Trainwreck and I haven't seen Blockers yet, but I know you're in it. What are you working on now?

    JC: That's a great question! Head on over to YouTube Red where you can see Dallas & Robo, which is an animated series. It's quite exciting. It has myself and Kat Dennings, and remember, it's on YouTube Red.

    Wanna hear more from John Cena? Check out his new animated series Dallas & Robo premiering May 30 on YouTube.