"Friday" Singer Rebecca Covered An NSYNC Song And All I Can Say Is WOW

    It's time to say "Bye, Bye, Bye" to "Friday" and hello to the real Rebecca Black.

    It feels like just yesterday Rebecca Black stepped on the scene with her annoyingly infectious song "Friday."

    Well it wasn't just yesterday, it was actually released in 2011; aka seven years ago.

    And if that math just shocked you then you just might drop your phone to this news: Rebecca Black is BACK and singing better than ever!

    The 20-year-old California native was a contestant on Thursday's episode of The Four and she wowed the audience with a special rendition of NSYNC's classic hit "Bye, Bye, Bye."

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    As soon as she opened her mouth, she captivated everyone in the room.

    She left judge Meghan Trainor with a huge smile on her face...

    ...judges Diddy and DJ Khaled gave the nodding head of approval...

    ...and the audience was feeling every moment of it.

    And honey, SO WAS I! This was basically me throughout the entire performance.

    Unfortunately, after competing in a one-on-one sing-off against James, Rebecca did not make it into the final four.

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    But she's still a winner in our eyes, because her comeback game is strong! Rebecca went from "Friday" backlash to singing in front of music royalty like Diddy, a super-producer like DJ Khaled, and a chart-topper like Meghan Trainor.

    Something tells me this won't be the last time the music world hears the name Rebecca Black.