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Chadwick Boseman Was Repping "Black Panther" On The Oscars Red Carpet And People Are LIVING!

T'Challa is that you?

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The 40-year-old South Carolina native even held up the iconic Wakanda forever sign to let people know he'll be repping the fictional African country for many days to come.


But let's see what people on Twitter had to say about his awards season look:

Chadwick Boseman came to the #Oscars dressed like a true Wakandan royal.

De King of Wakanda has arrived! Chadwick Boseman looks dashing on the #Oscars red carpet #BlackPanther


chadwick boseman is doing his absolute BEST to convince me he's an actual king of actual wakanda

Chadwick Boseman is literally THE KING #Oscars

Chadwick Boseman does the damn thing again #Oscars

Chadwick Boseman is already the best dressed. #Oscars


#WakandaForever! @chadwickboseman repping #BlackPanther on the #Oscars red carpet is such a blessing

Chadwick Boseman is literally a real life king, i only state facts #Oscars

In case anyone still doubted that he IS a king, Chadwick Boseman is out there looking more regal than ever #Oscars

Chadwick Boseman on the red carpet shouting “Wakanda forever!” has already made this the best Oscars ever.


i love how Chadwick Boseman has just adopted T'Challa's fashion sense as his own red carpet look, like how RDJ basically became Tony Stark IRL.

My son is OBSESSED with Black Panther, and just saw Chadwick Boseman on the red carpet pre-show and had an ABSOLUTE FLIP OUT over the fact that they ‘invited the actual king.’ I am dying. I love kids lol

WAKANDA FOREVER! And ever. Anddd ever!

A loud #WakandaForever from Chadwick Boseman on the #Oscars red carpet. #BlackPanther