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    "Botched" Doctors Terry Dubrow And Paul Nassif Spilled All The Tea On Plastic Surgery

    From mico-penises to butt augmentation.

    Five seasons later and the surgeries shown on Botched still leave me shocked! So, we invited the show's star plastic surgeons, Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. Terry Dubrow (below), to our office to discuss those extreme procedures.


    We sat them down for a game of Burning Questions, where they talked about everything from micro-penises to butt augmentation, all while keeping us laughing.

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    How did you two team up?


    Terry Dubrow: I had a micro-penis consulting in my office and...

    Paul Nassif: ...and I was the doctor examining him.

    Terry Dubrow: No, no, no. He was my first appointment. He pulled [his pants] down and I was like, "Whoa!"

    Paul Nassif: I'm Lebanese, remember that. I don't have that problem.

    Terry Dubrow: And so I said, "I'm good, but I'm not that good yet. So come back when I have a solution to the mini micro-penis phenomenon, and maybe I could help you."

    ~ The Real Story ~

    Paul Nassif: I get a call from my sister and she says, "I met the funniest doctor in Newport Beach." And then they introduced me to Dr. Terry Dubrow."

    Do you think things like filters and social media play a role in the types or amount of surgeries you have?


    TD: Yeah, it's really changed. We call it Selfie Dysmorphia, where patients are trying to look like an idealized version of themselves, not the way they actually look. They bring their selfie photos in and they say, "I wanna look like this." Well, that's a filter and last time I checked, a scalpel is not a filter. So, use the filter, don't use the scalpel.

    What's the most common procedure men and women ask for at your office?


    For women:

    PN: Botox.

    TD: Breast revision surgery.

    For men:

    TD: Botox.

    PN: Botox.

    It seems like Brazilian Butt Lifts are a big craze now. Can you tell us what the procedure is and the precautions that come with it?


    TD: Brazilian Butt Lifts are a procedure where you take fat from one part of the body, or several the abdomen, the arms, the thighs, and you wash the fat, prepare it, and you inject it in the buttocks. It's the fastest growing procedure in plastic surgery and it's also the most dangerous.

    It's turning out to be the most fatal. In fact, it's so fatal, it's even more fatal than an appendectomy or a gallbladder operation. We think that this operation should be banned. It's just too dangerous. The blood vessels in the butt are very fragile and very small. There's a very short distance from the blood vessels that lead to your heart and lungs.

    DON'T DO IT!

    Have you ever experienced a botched surgery so extreme it made you nervous to operate on them?


    TD: Every one.

    PN: That's very routine for us.

    TD: The botched surgeries, particularly in Season 5, are so extreme because our skill level has gone up. So, they really make us nervous. At the end of the day, we're trying to redefine impossible. Now the impossible seems to be more possible. Don't you agree?

    PN: Oooh, I like that. That was really nice.

    Who are the most common celebrities used as a reference for work patients want done?


    PN: In our office, four years and beyond, that was a huge thing. Whether it was Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie, but now, it's not like that any more. It's just like we spoke about earlier with the Selfie Dysmorphia, where they have FaceTune go in and change their whole complexion, especially, and that's what they want...a better looking version of themselves.

    TD: Okay, interesting answer...but to answer the actual question as to who are the celebrities: Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton. Those are the two.

    PN: With Kate Middleton it was all about rhinoplasty to get her nose. She didn't have rhinoplasty, but she has a beautiful nose. A little bit more natural.

    What made you want to take on botched cases?


    PN: So, I was sitting with the producers of the Housewives years ago and we just finished doing the Housewives. The two of us were talking and I said, "Why don't we think about taking patients that have had very bad plastic surgery and try to fix them on TV." And I said, "Well, we need someone else who's going to help me and I called my good old buddy, Terry Dubrow.

    He was sick in bed with a 103 degree fever and he goes, "That's the stupidest idea I've ever heard." And look where we are now: Season 5! And now we're filming Season 6.

    TD: Yeah, crazy.

    Can you describe one of the most bizarre botched surgeries you've ever dealt with?


    TD: So, right now there's a huge explosion in buttock augmentation, where people are taking fat from their abdomen and injecting it in their buttock. The problem is it's very dangerous to actually get enough fat to make the buttock bigger. Cosmetic surgeons are overdoing it. They're taking so much more than they should, and it's causing scarring and deformities of the areas they're taking it from. So, not only are we having problems with the liposuction areas, but once you put it in the butt and it dies, it becomes a problem.

    Wait till you see the next three, or four, or five episodes of Botched, because there's a lot of butt problems.

    What's the difference between a cosmetic surgeon and a plastic surgeon?


    TD: This is one of the reasons why botched surgeries are exploding.

    PN: You can actually take a weekend course in cosmetic surgery.

    TD: Even if you're a radiologist.

    PN: A plastic surgeon — remember we have residencies that train in these procedures and fellowships. So, we are specialists in the plastic surgery arena.

    TD: We hear, "My dentist did my nose job. My dentist is a cosmetic surgeon." Well, listen up, I have news for you: if your [dentist] calls himself a cosmetic surgeon, that may be a big red flag.

    PN: When you're doing your investigation, you always want to find out what type of doctor you're going to and if they're a board-certified in that specialty.

    What was your first botched surgery?


    TD: It was a case where this woman had like 14 breast surgeries and her left breast was this shriveled up, scarred down, knuckle of a breast. The right one was like vertically — it looked like a crab claw. Botched has taught us how to fix the impossible. Season 5 is completely different, because we're doing people who have congenital deformities, traumatic deformities, and bad plastic surgery. It's even harder AND this season is weirdly funnier. He's [points to Paul] got a new girlfriend and she's 28, so she freaked the first time he took his teeth out and put it on the bedside glass.

    PN: Wonderful, wonderful girl. Love of my life, Brittany.

    TD: Yeah, she's awesome.

    PN: It doesn't matter about the age.

    TD: And she's very tolerant.

    PN: Get over it now. She's my best friend, sweet, wonderful, beautiful.

    Want to put visuals to the surgeries they've been discussing? Or are you interested in just seeing Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif's hilarious friendship play out on-screen? You can do both by tuning in to Botched, every Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET on E! Network.