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    Benedict Cumberbatch Opens Up About What It Was Really Like To Work With Tom Holland

    Benedict + puppies = ❤️

    In honor of The Current War hitting theaters last week, we decided to have Benedict Cumberbatch come in to answer YOUR fan questions...while playing with puppies, of course.

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    And things got really cute, REALLY fast!

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    Benedict opened up about an array of topics, like the best and worst part about playing Doctor Strange:

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    Benedict Cumberbatch: "There's a lot of best things about it. The best thing is probably having a cloak that means I can fly, which means I get to do wire work. When it's done right and not for too long in a harness is incredibly good fun. Some of the stunts are really fun to do and the training, and all of that I really enjoy. It's a big ol' workout. The worst thing, I don't know. It't a pretty gifted gig. If I had to moan about something what would it be? Maybe the cloak again. The cloak is quite cumbersome. No pun intended. Yeah, it can be quite sort of an awkward thing to work with."

    He even joked about what it was like babysitting Tom Holland during their MCU press tours.

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    BC: "Difficult. I had to teach the kid how to to brush his teeth, and the fact that he had to do it both day and night — you know personal hygiene is a real issue with teenagers. Tom's no exception to that rule. So you know, I'd fumigate the was tricky. No, in all instances, he's a real gentleman, brilliant, wise beyond his years, tolerant of me, and a dear friend. I love working with him. Bring on the next project!"

    Want to know more? Check out Benedict's full puppy interview below.

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    And be sure to catch him in The Current War, now playing in theaters.

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