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    16 Crazy Jobs Celebrities Had Before They Were Famous

    Started from the bottom, now they're here...and by "here" I mean rich!

    If you thought your favorite celebrities always drove exotic cars and took lavish vacations, think again.

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    They had to find a way to make money way before they became a household name in Hollywood.

    While most of us headed to our local fast-food chain or department store to kick off our careers, these celebs decided to go a different route.

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    1. Brad Pitt used to dress up as the chicken mascot for El Pollo Loco and later nabbed a job as a chauffeur for strippers.

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    2. Before becoming a stand up comedian and dominating daytime television, Ellen DeGeneres was an oyster shucker.

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    3. Matthew McConaughey probably wasn't thinking it was "alright, alright, alright" when he was cleaning up poop as a chicken coop cleaner.

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    4. Gabourey Sidibe worked as a phone sex operator named Becky, before starring on Empire with the same name

    Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images

    5. Before hitting it big, Sean Connery worked as a nude model and a coffin cleaner.

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    6. NeNe Leakes wasn't always bringing the drama to Bravo's RHOA. She used to work as a stripper, which she openly talked about on the show.

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    7. Megan Fox worked at a smoothie shop in Florida where she had to dress up as a banana.

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    8. Lady Gaga performed as a burlesque dancer, before hitting the stage in front of millions.

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    9. Believe it or not, Geena Davis worked as a mannequin before getting her big break.

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    10. Victoria Beckham dressed up as sperm on roller skates for a BBC educational show called Body Matters, before creating a fashion empire.

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    11. Cindy Crawford used to shuck corn before gracing the covers of today's hottest magazines.

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    12. George Clooney used to cut, chop, and strip tobacco before becoming a Hollywood heartthrob.

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    13. Miley Cyrus cleaned toilets as her first job.

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    14. John Hamm worked behind-the-scenes on semi-pornographic films as a set-dresser.

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    15. Morgan Freeman was a professional dancer, before lending his iconic voice to his lengthy movie rapsheet.

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    16. And lastly, before the big Oscars debacle, Warren Beatty worked as a rat catcher.

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