Molly’s Favorite Buzz Of 2012

Posts that made me take over any computer within range because the owner just had to see this. Happy 2013!

1. 33 Infomercial Characters Who Need To Get Their Shit Together

A huge confidence booster. Whatever you screwed up today, at least you can perform every day tasks better than these people.

2. 35 Life Changing Ways To Use Everyday Objects

Until you read it you’re doing at least 35 things wrong.

3. 21 of the Most Mesmerizing Food GIFs

You’ll loose a few hours of your life to this post and not even care.

4. 19 Things That Prove “Aladdin” And “Titanic” Are Basically The Same Movie

Someday this is going to be someone’s film school thesis.

5. The Difference Between Men’s And Women’s Costumes

Perfect explanation, no words needed.

6. 37 Radically Rude Cross-Stitches

Not grandma appropriate, but truthful.

7. Olympics or Gay Porn?

A post that tackled the question everyone was asking themselves while watching the summer games.

8. Pokemon If They Were Created By Tim Burton

It’s just so accurate.

9. 16 Kids Who Are Not Excited For Halloween

Somehow their disinterest makes them even more adorable.

10. Every GIF Of Joseph Gordon Levitt Doing “Magic Mike” That You Could Ever Possibly Need

I personally needed every single one to make my life complete.

11. 23 Creative Ways to Tell The World You’re Having A Baby

A collection of people who have currently have to much time on their hands, but won’t in nine months.

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