15 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Last Days Of Summer

Only one month left before Labor Day, so make it count. And don’t even start with that Fall Equinox stuff, if the beaches close on Labor Day summer ends on Labor Day.

1. Buy a Fancy Slip ‘N Slide

Look at this thing. It has an arch.

2. Make a Frozen Drink From a Pouch

Possibly a terrible idea, but when they’re selling frozen margaritas next to the gum Duane Reade you have to at least try them.

3. Watch Wet Hot American Summer

With or without bug juice.

4. Hold a Push-Up Pop Scavenger Hunt

Someone must still carry the sherbet-ish treats flavored with just a hint of cardboard.

5. Skip Work For a Beach Day

Just remember when you go into work the next day “sunburn like rash” is totally a symptom of the strange illness that kept you home.

6. Build An Epic Sandcastle

The bar has gotten a lot higher.

7. See An Outdoor Movie

A magical venue that has you saying things like, “Yeah, I could see Shrek again.”

8. Play a Game of Mini Golf

You’re going to own those ten-year-olds in front of you.

9. Play Summer-The Drinking Game

Take a shot when you find a mosquito bite on your leg even though you haven’t left your air conditioned apartment in two days, take a shot when you read your 20th article trying to name the song of summer 2012…..

10. Flip Through a Beach Read

Or lug Infinite Jest around with your towel, whatever works.

11. Make S’mores

It still counts if you melt them in the microwave.

12. Stage A Battle To The Death Water Gun Fight

Or just bring a tiny water pistol to work and periodicity squirt your coworkers.

13. Go Tubing

Little tubes, giant tubes, floating tubes, rocketing behind a speed boat tubes-there are just so many choices.

14. Catch Some Fireflies

Or stay inside away from the bugs and buy a sun jar online.

15. Eat All The [Frozen] Things

For all the times your mom wouldn’t give you money for the ice cream man.

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