15 Times Hollywood Refused To Acknowledge A Character's Queerness Vs. 15 Times They Did A Brilliant Job

    "Chiron from Moonlight reminded us that queerness doesn't have just one look."

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which LGBTQ+ characters were portrayed accurately and which ones were done dirty (to get a full picture of Hollywood's creative process of the queer experience). Here's what they had to say.

    Warning: Potential spoilers ahead! 🚨

    Note: Some submissions include insensitive anti-trans and anti-gay TV/movie moments. Please proceed with caution.

    1. Done wrong: Blaine Anderson and Brittany Pierce from Glee (2009–2015)

    Kurt telling Blaine: "Bisexual's a term that gay guys use when they wanna hold hands with girls and feel like a normal person for a change." Santana telling Dani: "I finally have a girlfriend who I don't have to worry about straying for penis"

    2. Done right: Rosa Diaz from Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2013–present)

    Rosa: "I'm bisexual. All right -- I will now field one minute and zero seconds of questions." Amy: "How long have you known?" Rosa: "Since seventh grade. I was watching Saved By the Bell and I thought, Zack Morris is hot. Lisa Turtle, also hot"

    3. Done wrong: Lt. Lois Einhorn from Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (1994)

    Ace Ventura outing Lt. Einhorn as transgender in an insensitive way, saying: "But if I am mistaken, if the lieutenant is indeed a woman as she claims to be, then she's suffering from the worst case of hemorrhoids I have ever seen"

    4. Done right: Chiron from Moonlight (2016)

    Chiron telling Kevin: "You're the only man that's ever touched me — you're the only one. I haven't really touched anyone since"

    5. Done wrong: Idgie and Ruth from Fried Green Tomatoes (1991)

    Ruth and Idgie having a food fight in the back of the café

    6. Done right: Todd Chavez from BoJack Horseman (2014–2020)

    Todd to Emily in the diner: "I'm not gay. I mean, I don't think I am, but I don't think I'm straight, either — I don't know what I am. I think I might be nothing" Emily: "Well, that's okay"

    7. Done wrong: Toni Topaz from Riverdale (2017–present)

    Toni and Cheryl arguing in the school hallway who invented the color red

    8. Done right: Dani Clayton and Jamie Taylor from The Haunting of Bly Manor (2020)

    Dani telling Jamie that she wants to be married to her, even if they can't legally be together

    9. Done wrong: Damian from Mean Girls (2004)

    Damian complimenting Cady's hair color, and Janis introducing him as: "This is Damian — he's almost too gay to function"

    10. Done right: Florence from Sex Education (2019–present)

    Jean explaining to Florence the definition of asexuality, saying: "Sexuality is fluid — sex doesn't make us whole, and so, how could you ever be broken?"

    11. Done wrong: Celie Harris from The Color Purple (1985)

    Shug kissing Celie for the first time, and Celie smiling happily in response

    12. Done right: Simon Spier from Love, Simon (2018)

    Simon's mom telling him: "You get to exhale now, Simon. You get to be more you than you have been in a very long time"

    13. Done wrong: Cameron Tucker from Modern Family (2009–2020)

    Cameron introducing Lily to the family by raising her in the air like Simba in "The Lion King"

    14. Done right: Rue Bennett and Jules Vaughn from Euphoria (2019–present)

    Rue: "Maybe you could come over on Sunday night, 'cause my mom's, like, asking me and stuff." Jules: "Are you talking to your momma about me?" Rue: "No. Shut up"

    15. Done wrong: Emma and Adèle from Blue Is the Warmest Colour (2013)

    Adèle telling Emma: "I miss not touching each other. Not seeing each other, not breathing in each other. All the time. I want you"

    16. Done right: Wil and Vivian from Saving Face (2004)

    Vivian asking to stay the night at Wilhelmina's apartment

    17. Done wrong: Jack Twist from Brokeback Mountain (2005)

    Ennis visiting Jack's home after Jack died, and holding his own shirt that Jack kept

    18. Done right: Rob Brooks from High Fidelity (2020)

    Rob describing Kat: "Kat was gorgeous and interesting and just...just cool. Like, real cool"

    19. Done wrong: Barry Glickman from The Prom (2020)

    Mrs. Greene: "Who are you people?" Barry: "We are liberals from Broadway"

    20. Done right: Waverly Earp and Nicole Haught from Wynonna Earp (2016–2021)

    Waverly to Nicole: "I don't want to be friends. When I think about what I want to do most in this world, it's you. God, that sounded so much more romantic in my head" then they kiss

    21. Done wrong: Alexis Meade from Ugly Betty (2006–2010)

    Alexis telling her dad and everyone at the fashion show that she's transgender

    22. Done right: Elena and Syd from One Day at a Time (2017–2020)

    Elena giving Syd a non-binary Valentine's Day card: "Get it? It's binary code, zeros and ones, except for the heart, which is all the other numbers"

    23. Done wrong: Daniela and Carla from In the Heights (2021)

    Daniela and Carla walking through the street; them dancing near a picnic table, them dancing on a staircase by the pool

    24. Done right: Ben and McKinley from Wet Hot American Summer (2001)

    J.J. and Gary surprising Ben and McKinley with a chaise lounge

    25. Done wrong: Nam Sook-hee/Maid and Izumi Hideko/Lady from The Handmaiden (2016)

    Lady telling Maid: "Your face...every night in bed, I think of your face"

    26. Done right: Mo from Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist (2020–2021)

    Mo and Perry dancing while "Kiss Me" is playing in Mo's head

    27. Done wrong: Willow Rosenberg from Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997–2003)

    Willow and Oz drinking at a party; Willow telling Buffy "And I think I'm kind of gay;" Willow and Tara embracing

    28. Done right: Adora and Catra from She-Ra and the Princesses of Power (2018–2020)

    Adora telling Catra she loves her, and then they kiss

    29. Done wrong: CeCe Drake from Pretty Little Liars (2010–2017)

    Young CeCe to Bethany: "Bethany, what did you do?" Bethany: "What did I do? You pushed her...freak"

    30. And done right: Captain Holt and Kevin Cozner from Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2013–2021)

    Kevin to Holt after they shook hands: "PDA in the office? My, my" Holt: "Couldn't help myself"

    Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.