The 10 Best Animals To Follow On Instagram Lead The Daily Links

Plus the most unbelievable movie survivals, 5 great pieces of advice from Tom Clancy, and a new Snapchat “story” feature.

Need more images of cuteness in your life? These are the ten best animals to follow on Instagram. - [HelloGiggles]

In movies, sometimes things just always work out for the hero; these are fifteen of the craziest survivals seen on film. - [Esquire]

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Still wondering what Bill Murray whispered at the end of Lost in Translation? Ten years later, here are some of the best fan theories on what he said. - [Vulture]

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Want to get in touch with your wild side? Get a wolf! This chart shows you which states allow wolves to be kept as pets. - [Slate]

New Line Cinema

Looking for a delicious new delicacy? Try the oilfish, though be warned: it will give you explosive diarrhea almost immediately - [RocketNews24]

Do you wish you had more than ten seconds to distract your friends on Snapchat? Well lucky for you, a new update will allow you to create longer lasting “stories.” - [Betabeat]

Since ‘N Sync, Justin Timberlake’s been in countless movies; one curious Photoshopper wonders what his movies would’ve looked like if they featured Justin’s former bandmates. - [NextMovie]

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