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    Posted on Apr 22, 2013

    "The Walking Dead" Needs This Zombie Corgi

    Hey y'all. This corgi wants to eat ya brains.

    This is Zombie Corgi:

    Now let's imagine what "The Walking Dead" would be like if there was a corgi that happened to be a zombie. WARNING: SPOILERS.

    We would first find zombie corgi in Atlanta. Zombie corgi would totally fall for Glenn and Rick's faux-zombie guts trick.

    Then Rick escapes. Zombie corgi does too.

    Zombie corgi would follow the group on the highway. The gang would be totally oblivious to the zombie corgi's zombie cuteness.

    We don't see zombie corgi for a really long time. Then, suddenly, zombie corgi comes out of the stupid barn where stupid Sophia was the whole time.

    We are all kind of shocked... but at heart we are delighted.

    Zombie corgi would disappear for a while but make a quick appearance in a random field next to Andrea and Michonne. Andrea and Michonne would let him go because what kind of human would kill a zombie corgi?!?!

    Zombie corgi appears in the jail courtyard.

    Zombie Corgi shows up in the back of a vision of Lori. We all hope that Zombie Corgi eats her, but alas, he doesn't.

    Then we see zombie corgi a couple episodes later watching Norman Reedus cry.

    Zombie Corgi spends the next few episodes playing hide and seek with Andrea and the Governor.

    And the last time we see Zombie Corgi is when the Governor loses his fucking mind and Zombie Corgi is on top of his car for some reason.

    Who knows where Zombie Corgi will show up in season 4?!

    One can only wish he ends up eating the Governor!

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