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    Why Being Gay Is Better Than Being Straight

    A study.

    Everyone knows that gay people are better than straight people.

    This fact became true at the beginning of time with Adam + Eve. They were straight and they fucked shit up.

    If you don't believe in the biblical gobbledygook, there are more examples of gays being better.

    For example, the Greeks. They were some of the first to promote sexual freedom and that shit is cool as hell.

    I mean, Alexander the Great was at least a little bit gay. And he literally has "great" in his name, just saying.

    In more recent history, the truth is that gay people become superior to straights at around birth or so. And growing up gay makes gay people tougher than straight people because gay people constantly have to deal with shit.

    Gay people are masters of disguise.

    And masters of playing it cool.

    Do we need to remind you that straight people are the worst?

    They ruin everything.

    Ban them.

    Gay people are also better than straight people because gay people have better sex.

    Gay people have double the wardrobe.

    And gay people are literally helping SAVE THE EARTH because the world population is out of control.

    Haven't you seen TEEN MOM?! Gay people do not contribute to that culture!

    Being gay means you have more patience. Because gay people literally had to wait thousands of years to get married.

    Straight people never had to deal with that.

    And I've never seen straight people this excited at a wedding because you know that shit usually goes down in flames.

    It's a fact.

    So, if you're straight, that sucks.

    Good luck to you.

    Because one of the best things about being gay is the mere thought of being gay.

    Not gonna lie, it's pretty awesome.


    Gay people are gay.

    Gay people are kind.

    And gay people are magic.

    Pray you don't turn straight.

    Because tbh, being gay is the best thing ever.

    The end.