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Whoopi Goldberg's Three-Second Reaction To Meghan McCain Has Gone Super Viral


Whoopi Goldberg and Meghan McCain interacting on The View has been truly a gift to watch.


From the time Whoopi told Meghan to "LISTEN."

Me: This morning can’t get any better. Whoopi:

To the OTHER time Whoopi told Meghan to listen.

Whoopi Goldberg is trending on Twitter after checking co-host Meghan McCain live on #TheView.

Meghan "my father" McCain clearly has a way with...speaking. Like, she's always speaking.

Twitter: @yourefusetothnk

But now, NOW, we have my absolute favorite Whoopi x Meghan moment to top 'em all.


This clip of Whoopi reacting to something Meghan said has gone super viral:

Twitter: @justmartindale

From this:

Megan with the a caption of letters that make a nonsensical word

To this:

Whoopi saying "Okay..." with a confused look on her face

Whoopi's reaction is perfect:

@justmartindale Its the "What is she saying now?" Look for me 🤣😭

Just perfect:

@justmartindale I needed this thank you

Until next time (aka probably next week, because let's be real, this happens constantly)!


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