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    How Different 43 Celebrities Looked When They Were Exactly 18 Years Old Compared With Now

    They were all babies.

    1. Prince William now:

    A balding Prince William in a coat and scarf

    Prince William when he was 18:

    2. Justin Timberlake now:

    Justin Timberlake when he was 18:

    ramen noodle hair Justin

    3. Christina Aguilera now:

    Christina Aguilera when she was 18:

    with a belly button chain

    4. Zac Efron now:

    Zac Efron when he was 18:

    with distressed jeans and a floppy haircut

    5. Britney Spears now:

    Britney Spears when she was 18:

    at the VMA Awards in a control freak shirt

    6. Miley Cyrus now:

    Miley Cyrus when she was 18:

    with Liam Hemsworth

    7. Jennifer Lawrence now:

    she is at a movie premiere

    Jennifer Lawrence when she was 18:

    at a small premiere in Venice

    8. Jennifer Aniston now:

    Jennifer Aniston when she was 18:

    her yearbook picture

    9. Leonardo DiCaprio now:

    he's filming a movie with a face shield on

    Leonardo DiCaprio when he was 18:

    he looks 12

    10. Reese Witherspoon now:

    Reese Witherspoon when she was 18:

    11. Sarah Jessica Parker now:

    SJP walking the city streets

    Sarah Jessica Parker when she was 18:

    in Footloose

    12. Tom Cruise now:

    filming Mission Impossible

    Tom Cruise when he was 18:

    circa 1980

    13. Will Smith now:

    Will Smith when he was 18:

    with DJ Jazzy Jeff

    14. David Beckham now:

    David Beckham when he was 18:

    playing soccer

    15. Jake Gyllenhaal now:

    on the Colbert show

    Jake Gyllenhaal when he was 18:

    in an awkward leather jacket

    16. Tyra Banks now:

    Tyra Banks when she was 18:

    on a runway as a model

    17. Cher now:

    legendary looking

    Cher when she was 18:

    a portrait of Cher from 1963

    18. Freddie Prinze Jr. now:

    Freddie Prinze Jr. when he was 19 (close enough though):

    hugging his knee

    19. Sarah Michelle Gellar now:

    Sarah Michelle Gellar when she was 18:

    with a Daytime Emmy

    20. Blake Lively now:

    Blake Lively when she was 18:

    on a Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants press call

    21. Prince Harry now:

    speaking at a climate conference

    Prince Harry when he was 18:

    playing soccer

    22. LeBron James now:

    Lakers player

    LeBron James when he was 18:

    high school basketball player

    23. Selena Gomez now:

    Selena Gomez when she was 18:

    with a tiny Justin Bieber

    24. Justin Bieber now:

    Justin Bieber when he was 18:

    pierced ears and that Justin Bieber smirk

    25. Taylor Swift now:

    Holding up a Grammy

    Taylor Swift when she was 18:

    giving a peace sign at the CMT Awards

    26. Ariana Grande now:

    Ariana Grande when she was 18:

    bright red hair Grande

    27. Beyoncé now:

    winning a Grammy

    Beyoncé when she was 18:

    Beyoncé in a four-person Destiny's Child

    28. Rihanna now:

    Rihanna when she was 18:

    at an MTV Awards

    29. Paris Hilton now:

    in a bright yellow dress

    Paris Hilton when she was 18:

    in the lobby of a hotel

    30. Nicole Richie now:

    Nicole Richie when she was 18:

    with her dad, Lionel Richie

    31. Hilary Duff now:

    Hilary Duff when she was 18:

    when she was dating Joel Madden

    32. Lindsay Lohan now:

    Lindsay Lohan when she was 18:

    when she dated Wilmer Valderamma

    33. Ashley Tisdale now:

    Ashley Tisdale when she was 18:

    wearing camo on a red carpet

    34. Nick Jonas now:

    Nick Jonas when he was 18:

    wearing a suit and giving a smoldering look to the camera

    35. Joe Jonas now:

    Joe Jonas when he was 18:

    riding a rollercoaster with long bangs

    36. Mandy Moore now:

    Mandy Moore when she was 18:

    with a pixie cut and a light orange blouse

    37. Scarlett Johansson now:

    on Drag Race with husband Colin Jost

    Scarlett Johansson when she was 18:

    on a red carpet for the Orange County movie

    38. Anne Hathaway now:

    on Drag Race

    Anne Hathaway when she was 18:

    in a light pink outfit

    39. Emma Stone now:

    at a cancer benefit

    Emma Stone when she was 18:

    with big ole bangs

    40. Michael B. Jordan now:

    filming a movie

    Michael B. Jordan when he was 18:

    looking like a baby

    41. Avril Lavigne now:

    Avril Lavigne when she was 18:

    very skater boy

    42. Neil Patrick Harris now:

    Neil Patrick Harris when he was 18:

    in all denim in 1991

    43. Madonna now:

    Madonna when she was 18:

    her senior portrait