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23 Of The Craziest And Scariest Things One Direction Fans Have Ever Done

I can't believe we all survived it but we're here to tell the tale now.

Once upon a time, Directioners were the most over the top, craziest, weirdest, and intense fan group. I say that as a term of endearment. This post documents those times. Never forget.

1. That time a Directioner desecrated a Bible and turned it into the "Bible OF ZAYN":

2. That time a Directioner held a full-blown wedding in their living room:

3. That time Directioners started a Go Fund Me to literally buy the group:

4. That time a Directioner wanted to show the boys tattoos of their names on his ribs:

5. The time a Directioner said they would kill for tickets:

6. The time Liam woke up, butt naked, with someone trying force open his balcony:

Strangest way I've ever been woken up, When ur in bed butt naked an sum1 is trying to force open your balcony this is gunna be a strange day

7. The time two girls stole a pair of Liam's underwear, wore them for a day, and eventually gave them back:

8. That time a Directioner made a shrine to the place Harry Styles threw up:

9. The time Zayn got caught smoking weed and the Directioners lost their minds:

Photo just leaked of One Direction smokimg a #pot cigarette. I will now be burning all my 1D stuff and suggest you all do the same!! #420NO

10. That time a Directioner hacked security cameras:


Like, they would hack random elevator cameras:

Remember when directioners hacked hotel security cameras just to see drunk Zayn in the elevator

11. That time a Directioner knew Niall's own birth better than Niall did:

12. That time a Directioner made this chart about how each member ate ass:

13. That time a Directioner made a shrine out of a mini water bottle that was thrown at them:

14. That time a Directioner made them, just like, the world:

15. That time a Directioner made a One Direction pad:

16. The time a Directioner pelted Harry Styles with tampons:

17. That time a Directioner needed Jesus:

18. That other time a Directioner needed Jesus:

19. That time Directioners were convinced Harry Styles and Barack Obama were in a relationship. Their "couple name" was "Hobama.":

does michelle obama know about the love harry styles has for her husband?

20. That time a Directioner tried to sell Harry Styles' breath:

21. That time Directioners pretended they were scared of spoons because Liam was scared of spoons:

remember when directioners would fake being scared of spoons because apparently liam payne was

22. That time a Directioner wrote this poem about the similarities between Beliebers and Directioners as some sort of a truce:

23. And that time a Directioner ripped Zayn off of their bag after he left the group:

What a time to be alive!