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Tell Us The Weirdest Place You've Ever Met A Celebrity

Because I would die if I met Ryan Gosling at the grocery store.

Have you ever met a celebrity in a really random place?

john mayer selfie at costco

Maybe you met Steven Tyler on the way to prom?

Me and Elijah just met Steven Tyler on the way to prom!!!

Twitter: @madelynpdawson

Or met Rihanna at a TGI Friday's?

rihanna at a tgi fridays

Do you have a good story to go with it?

Met @taylorswift13 today at jury duty. She is so nice. #civicduty

The more random the better.

My sister is in LA and just met Nicholas Cage and I AM CRYING

Please share your story and picture (if you have one) for a chance to be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post. Press that little image button in the comments to post your picture.

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