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    31 Of The Most Random Places People Have Met Celebrities

    Hot tip: Costco is a celebrity hot spot.

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the strangest place they've ever met a celebrity. Here are their stories.

    1. John Mayer at Costco

    2. Jennifer Lawrence at Pizza Hut

    "I met Jennifer Lawrence at a Pizza Hut in New York City. She’s super nice, funny, and made us all crack up. She ended up buying my pizza and shared her breadsticks with me." —daniellewaldrop120401

    3. Brad Pitt at a middle school basketball game

    "I met Brad Pitt at a middle school baseball game. I had no idea who he was or that his nephew was on the school team. He let me borrow his phone so I could call my dad and get picked up." —victoriaa43d5503fc

    4. Guy Fieri at church

    "Guy Fieri is from my hometown and has a couple of restaurants here. He isn’t around often but during the holidays he visits and he always goes to the Christmas candlelight vigil at my church. Last year, I watched where he put his candle and put mine right by his. It was beautiful. My friend was sitting in the pew behind him and said he smelled like ranch dressing." —leoc448bdb193

    5. Newt Gingrich at a childhood sleepover

    "I had a sleepover at Newt Gingrich’s house (ugh, I know). He is my friend's uncle and hosted us when we came to DC to see DMB. His wife brought us muffins in the morning. He had blown-up posters of all his magazine covers hanging on his walls and gave us signed copies of his book when we left (we were 14.)" —carlyshannonb

    6. Rihanna at TGI Fridays

    7. John Legend and Chrissy Teigen at the vet

    "John Legend and Chrissy Teigen were my clients when I worked in an animal hospital as a vet tech in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. They’re so down to earth and chill and Pippa and Puddy were the cutest dogs! Once I had to call Chrissy regarding something with her dogs and I was freaking out about what to say if she answered. She didn’t though and I left her a message. So yeah, my voice was in Chrissy's voicemail!" —stephaniedef

    8. Mel Gibson at a random wedding

    9. Will Smith at the airport

    "I met Will Smith at the Delhi airport. He was in a special customs line that was moving way quicker than the one that we mere mortals were in, so I didn’t think I was going to catch up with him. Our line ended up moving super quickly, so I went up to him and said, 'Hi, Mr. Smith, what are you doing in India?' Despite this being likely the dorkiest thing he had ever heard, he said, 'You know, just chillin.'" —hendrix822

    10. Fabio in a supermarket

    11. Shia LaBeouf in a yoga class

    "I took a yoga class with Shia LaBeouf. He was in Austin for SXSW and we practiced next to each other. Two days later he got arrested for public intoxication in our bar district." —erinl28

    12. Fergie at 7-Eleven

    "I met Fergie in a 7-Eleven… She got me a Slurpee!" —turtlefrog12

    13. Andre 3000 at the orthodontist's office

    14. Tyra Banks at an amusement park

    "I met Tyra Banks in line at an amusement park. Everyone kept coming up to her asking her if she was Tyra Banks. I kept quiet and pretended I didn’t notice who she was. In line, me and Tyra talked about the other rides and she even said she liked my glitter makeup and that I was pretty. As a chubby teen that always stuck with me." —lucindahaas

    15. Paul Rudd on a historical tour

    "When I was six I went to the Vanderbilt mansion with my family. Paul Rudd happened to be in the same tour. It was just us and Paul Rudd. To be polite, my parents pretended we didn’t know who he was. We stood next to Paul Rudd and looked at antique toilets for a few hours." —tem1163

    16. Janice Dickinson at Target

    17. Robin Williams while snowboarding

    "I was putting my snowboard boots and Robin Williams sat next to me putting his on too. I was 14 at the time and only knew him as Mrs. Doubtfire. I whispered to my mum, 'Mum, it’s Mrs. Doubtfire.' He started laughing and talking to me in Mrs. Doubtfire’s voice and quoting from the movie and then doing voices and quotes from his other movies. It was such a surreal moment and he was a super nice guy." —bm22

    18. Amy Schumer during an engagement photo shoot

    19. Chris Kirkpatrick at Subway

    "Chris Kirkpatrick was in front of me at Subway in Orlando. He ended up ordering the same thing I did. As he was checking out I said, 'Hey Chris, you ordered the same thing as me. Guess we're N'Sync with each other.' He didn't find it as funny as the Subway worker and I did." —Lee Daintry on Facebook

    20. Keith Urban at the movie theater

    21. Tom Cruise cutting everyone in line

    "I was waiting in line for a roller coaster with my dad in Vegas and we were up next when this private party came out from the other side. People started cheering and screaming, but I was just pissed that they cut in line. Turns out it was Tom Cruise. Tom Cruise laughed at me when he overheard me asking my dad 'Who the heck is Tom Cruise and why is he so important?!' (I was ten at the time)." —k45b7dd755

    22. Harrison Ford on a random mountain in Idaho

    "My family is from Idaho, where there are a lot of skiing and hiking spots in the mountains. My grandpa was hiking one day in an area that wasn’t very popular with tourists and ran across Harrison Ford going the opposite direction down the hiking path. He used to tell the story saying he only saw one person that day and it was Harrison Ford. He greeted him, said hi, shook his hand, had a short conversation, and went on his way. I always thought it was so random and funny that he just happened to stumble across Harrison Ford while hiking in the mountains of Idaho of all places." —abigailmarie

    23. Louis Tomlinson at a froyo shop

    24. Michael Keaton at some old lady's house

    "When I was a baby, my mom was a home health care nurse. One day, the babysitter bailed and she had to take me with her to this little old lady’s house. While I was at the little old lady's house, Michael Keaton walked in. Apparently the little old lady had been his neighbor growing up and he wanted to stop and say hi. Well, he saw me, picked me up, I smiled at him, and then peed all over him. He laughed it off and was really nice about it. Now I can say I peed on Batman." —scaseber24

    25. Terry Crews at Costco

    "I met Terry Crews at a Costco once. He was holding some sausages and seemed a bit lost." —gonzalezt430

    26. Selena Gomez at Walgreens

    "I met Selena Gomez at a Walgreens buying tampons while she was filming for Spring Breakers." —jessicaant51

    27. Jon Bon Jovi at Home Depot on Christmas Eve

    "When I was a senior in high school, my mom sent me out searching for a wreath on Christmas Eve at Home Depot. I waited to check out behind a guy buying a power saw, which I thought was a little weird. I got called to the other line as he lifted his shades to sign for his purchase. Then I saw it was Jon Bon Jovi. I tried not to stare as I went to the other register. I ran out to my car like the awkward teenager that I was, and turned it on to warm it up. My stereo started blasting a Bon Jovi mix CD already sitting in my CD player (hi, I’m a Jersey girl). I scraped some frost off my window, and he got into the car next to me. He winked at me and said Merry Christmas before getting into the car. That was the best Christmas Eve ever… but I still want to know why he needed a power saw on Christmas Eve." —kailynna

    28. George Takei at a Chinese restaurant

    "In 1996 when I was 13, I met George Takei at a Chinese restaurant. My friends and I were alone celebrating our 8th grade graduation (parents were around the corner at another restaurant) and none of us could remember his name, only 'Captain Sulu.' When he stood up, he smoothed his suit and said, 'I feel energized' while smiling at me. I had no words, just a big goofy smile." —hintofsuspense

    29. John Green at a small bakery in Michigan

    30. Spike Lee on the street

    "A few years ago I was walking through Midtown Manhattan and slammed into a short-ish man. The first thing I see is his shirt, which is of an enormous picture of Spike Lee. I look up to see who is wearing this special shirt, and of course, it's Spike Lee himself. He laughed at my confusion and kept walking." —Amanda Anderson on Facebook

    31. Ryan Gosling at the grocery store

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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