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We Are Now 20% Closer To An NSYNC Reunion

Shit is getting real-ish.

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You rock, Joey. Thank you.

Now let's take a look at the *official* odds of each member joining the v. important cause.

Lance Bass: 100% chance he'd do it.

Lance is currently hosting a "DirtyPop" radio show on Sirius satellite radio. He was on a recent episode of Vanderpump Rules. If he would do a Real Housewives spin-off reality show, I'm pretty sure he'd do the NSYNC reunion.


JC Chasez: 96% chance he'd do it.


JC Chasez has been a judge on America's Best Dance Crew for the past four years. He also did a song with David Archuletta in 2008. Unless it REALLY interfered with his judging, he'd probably do it.

Justin Timberlake: 0.2% he'd do it.


Justin still thinks he's an "actor" even though he started making music again. He also didn't invite any of the guys to his wedding with Jessica Biel. That's fucked up and basically unforgivable.