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    May 2, 2017

    You Have To See Madonna's And Jennifer Lopez's Faces Watching Katy Perry Perform

    I love everything about this.

    Katy Perry has a new song out!


    It's called "Bon Appétit" and it's pretty good for her age. Check it out!

    View this video on YouTube

    To be completely honest, I like it!

    So, as you probably know by now, yesterday was the Met Gala. At the gayla, Katy Perry performed "Bon Appétit" for a room full of her rich-ass peers.

    Angela Weiss / AFP / Getty Images

    But that's not what I want to talk about... I want to talk about this amazing video someone captured of Jennifer Lopez and Madonna watching it.

    Here it is:

    Madonna's face reaction watching Katy Perry perform new single "Bon Appetite" at #MetGala. #MetKawakubo 💀🙄

    Now, let's break it down in a play by play as if this is a football game but for gay people.

    Here's what Katy Perry looked like performing.

    The person filming the video starts on Jennifer Lopez. As you can see, Jennifer Lopez looks absolutely positively engaged and enthralled:

    It screams: "Good luck with this one, sweetie!"

    And then the camera goes over to Madonna. This was her reaction:

    It screams: "Cherry lady, huh? This is my Erotica-era look and we all know what happened when Lady Gaga pulled this shit!"

    The end.

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