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22 People Who Will Actually Make America Great Again

Dirty Chicken Wang 4 president.

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I'll be damned if I vote for another CAREER POLITICIAN.

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And YOU MUST THINK I'M AN IDIOT if you'd think I'd vote for the host of REALITY TV SHOW.

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There's got to be a better way.

1. I WANT TO VOTE for someone who will actually INNOVATE.

2. A person who can make SOMETHING OUT OF NOTHING.

3. And a person who HAS A VISION and can EXECUTE it right.

4. I want a president who CARES ABOUT ELDERLY PEOPLE and Medicare stuff.

5. A president who can START SOMETHING and FINISH IT.

6. A president who can FIX the automotive industry.

7. And a president WHO CARES about our nation's agricultural industry.

8. Call me crazy, but I want a president who is COOL.

9. A president who REALLY CARES what people THINK.

10. A president who can pick up the scraps and MAKE SOMETHING GREAT.

11. And a president who can FEED THE POOR.

12. I want a president who will make ISIS wish it NEVER EVEN HAPPENED.

13. A president who will GET SHIT DONE.

14. A president who KNOWS WHAT IT'S LIKE to be part of the REAL working class.

15. And a president who will PROTECT our classified information and KEEP US SAFE.

16. I want a president who TAKES CARE OF our wildlife.

17. A president who CARES ABOUT EVERYONE regardless of their past.

18. A president who isn't afraid to EXPRESS THEMSELVES.

19. And a president who can DO IT ALL.

20. Someone who will make me say #IMWITHER.

21. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, pelican lady.

22. Or maybe the president should just be a 6-year-old kid.

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Yeah, probably.

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