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    22 Bathrooms You Need To Piss In Before You Die

    Believe it or not, not all urinals face concrete walls.

    1. The best place to watch the game (while peeing) at the Melbourne Cricket Ground stadium in Australia:

    2. This peaceful pissing place in India:

    3. The JR Tower in Sapporo, Japan:

    4. The Hotel Pulheim in Cologne, Germany:

    5. On top of some mountains in Andorra, a country between France and Spain:

    6. The infamous pee spot, the Shard in London:

    Seriously, you haven't lived until you've pissed at the Shard:

    7. The W Hotel in Barcelona:

    8. In the middle of the damn ocean:

    9. While watching planes take off in Singapore:

    10. This chill-ass spot in Nha Trang, Vietnam:

    11. Literally above Hong Kong at the Ritz-Carlton:

    12. While watching rhinos and tigers and shit in South Africa:

    13. Seriously, South Africa has the best ones:

    14. Near some steep-ass cliffs in Khardung La, India:

    15. Above Jakarta, Indonesia:

    16. Over a big-ass park in Berlin:

    17. While watching people ski in Austria:

    18. Over a vineyard in Hermanus, South Africa:

    19. On top of Seoul, South Korea:

    20. In front of an aquarium in Copenhagen:

    21. In a trough above Bangkok:

    22. And inside a dang tuba in a British pub: