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    22 Bathrooms You Need To Piss In Before You Die

    Believe it or not, not all urinals face concrete walls.

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    1. The best place to watch the game (while peeing) at the Melbourne Cricket Ground stadium in Australia:

    2. This peaceful pissing place in India:

    3. The JR Tower in Sapporo, Japan:

    4. The Hotel Pulheim in Cologne, Germany:

    5. On top of some mountains in Andorra, a country between France and Spain:

    6. The infamous pee spot, the Shard in London:

    Seriously, you haven't lived until you've pissed at the Shard:

    7. The W Hotel in Barcelona:

    8. In the middle of the damn ocean:

    9. While watching planes take off in Singapore:

    10. This chill-ass spot in Nha Trang, Vietnam:

    11. Literally above Hong Kong at the Ritz-Carlton:

    12. While watching rhinos and tigers and shit in South Africa:

    13. Seriously, South Africa has the best ones:

    14. Near some steep-ass cliffs in Khardung La, India:

    15. Above Jakarta, Indonesia:

    16. Over a big-ass park in Berlin:

    17. While watching people ski in Austria:

    18. Over a vineyard in Hermanus, South Africa:

    19. On top of Seoul, South Korea:

    20. In front of an aquarium in Copenhagen:

    21. In a trough above Bangkok:

    22. And inside a dang tuba in a British pub:

    Music to my beers.

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