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Taylor Swift's 2006 Myspace Bio Is Proof She Hasn't Changed Since 2006

She is basically exactly the same (minus the whole "trucks are works of art" thing maybe?)

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In case you didn't know, Taylor Swift was really into Myspace back in 2006. We've posted her Myspace comments before but we've never posted her full 2006 bio. It's... very, very, VERY Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift's old Myspace

And now, without further ado, presented unedited, here is Taylor Swift's (alleged!) 2006 Myspace bio:

Law & Order

"I play a 12-string guitar, and have since I was 12. I’m a songwriter first and foremost, and I have never written anything I didn’t mean."

Mediaphotos / Getty Images

"I am obsessed with lyrics. I love Tennessee. And talking to people."

Creative-family / Getty Images

"I was born on December 13th, 1989. Thirteen is my lucky number. I can tell you some REALLY weird coincidences that involve that number.. Long story short, 13 is good."

Gpointstudio / Getty Images

"I am the most competitive person I know. I never really got into sports, so I guess you could say music is my game."

Ruslanguzov / Getty Images

"I love people who are nice to me, I’ve never been one to say things like All you people think you know me, well you don’t. I’m not that complicated. My complications come out in my songs. All you need to do to be my friend is like me."

Absolutimages / Getty Images

"I don’t wear high heels a lot because I’m afraid of falling in front of large groups of people. My middle name is Alison. I’m most comfortable in dresses, not old faded blue jeans–surprisingly. I sing country music, I am obsessed with that too. I guess you kinda have to be."

Attila Barabas / Getty Images

"I have beautiful friends. Be one."

Attila Barabas / Getty Images

"I really like it when people tell me they like my music, it’s everything I’ve got so it really means a lot to me."

Bojan89 / Getty Images

"I’m really weird sometimes, but you are too."

Ocskaymark / Getty Images

"I’ve never been the kind of girl who needs a boyfriend. I don’t go out looking for guys. But then again, I don’t write alot of love songs. Basically... I’m single."

Susan Stevenson / Getty Images

"I love pictures, I have a bunch of them hung up in my bus bunk. Because you can’t forget where you came from."

Eckert-photo / Getty Images

"I need everything to be organized. All the time."

Vm / Getty Images

"I think little kids are awesome."

Vbaleha / Getty Images

"I’m just going to warn you now: If you start a conversation about Law and Order: SVU or CSI with me, we will be talking for at least an hour. I consider myself an expert on those two things... only those two things."

Photobuff / Getty Images

"I love trucks. They are works of art."

Jupiterimages / Getty Images

"I’m a thinker and an over-analyzer. I’m 5'11. I’m not jaded."

Robyn Beck / AFP / Getty Images

"And to all the people who have ever blasted my songs from their car stereo, thank you from the bottom of my heart."

8vfani / Getty Images

"lovelovelove -T-"

Paulprescott72 / Getty Images

Bio via this Tumblr.

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