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Taylor Swift's 2006 Myspace Bio Is Proof She Hasn't Changed Since 2006

She is basically exactly the same (minus the whole "trucks are works of art" thing maybe?)

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"I love people who are nice to me, I’ve never been one to say things like All you people think you know me, well you don’t. I’m not that complicated. My complications come out in my songs. All you need to do to be my friend is like me."


"I don’t wear high heels a lot because I’m afraid of falling in front of large groups of people. My middle name is Alison. I’m most comfortable in dresses, not old faded blue jeans–surprisingly. I sing country music, I am obsessed with that too. I guess you kinda have to be."

"I’ve never been the kind of girl who needs a boyfriend. I don’t go out looking for guys. But then again, I don’t write alot of love songs. Basically... I’m single."


"I’m just going to warn you now: If you start a conversation about Law and Order: SVU or CSI with me, we will be talking for at least an hour. I consider myself an expert on those two things... only those two things."