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This Is What Taylor Swift's "Style" Video Should Have Been

An homage to Aerosmith. Duh.

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OK, hear me out, I know it sounds crazy, but Taylor Swift's instantly iconic song "Style" goes extremely well with the imagery from Aerosmith's "Crazy." I'm talking all the Alicia Silverstone and Liv Tyler parts.

To prove that point, here's an edit of all the Alicia Silverstone and Liv Tyler parts put to "Style." It works pretty damn well.

Now, let's imagine what could have been...

Taylor breaks out of school.

And by school, I mean college so it's not too weird or problematic.

She jumps in a conveniently placed convertible.

And out of nowhere, her BFF Cara Delevingne jumps in!

They're free!

Some hours later, they pull into a gas station.

They tell off some old creepy dude.

And then basically rob the store.

They take some sexy pictures in a photo booth as payment.

Bye bitches! They haul ass out of that place.

They pull up to a strip club and it's amateur night! Taylor makes Cara enter.

Taylor puts on lipstick.

She checks out Cara while they're getting ready. Are they going to hook up? Ooh la la?!

They go to the strip club. Taylor wears a suit.

Cara does her amateur striptease thing. They share a moment.

OMG they won so much money!

They wake up the next morning and take off.

They drive down a country road.

They meet a shady tractor driver.

They jump in a pond.

They get the tractor man to take off all his clothes and then run away.

The naked tractor man chases them.

He jumps in.

And they live happily ever after in a polygamous relationship, meaning Cara and Taylor use the tractor man for physical purposes only.

The end.

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