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    34 Things You Can Expect From BuzzFeed Rewind

    Hi! BuzzFeed's newest vertical, Rewind, is devoted to everything nostalgic — i.e., everything old. It's going to be awesome.

    Welcome to...

    You can expect to see:

    1. Pictures of Steve Urkel playing Rock N Jock basketball with Will Smith and Reggie Miller.

    2. Time travelers.

    3. Leonardo DiCaprio's 1960s doppelganger, Judy Zipper.

    4. New York City in the 1940s.

    5. Really "old", outdated tweets.

    6. Your favorite websites before they were popular.

    7. Dogs from the '80s.

    8. Unexplainable black & white photos.

    9. The first LOL Cats.

    10. Old photos of dogs dressed as people.

    11. Awesome old toys.

    12. Bad girls.

    13. Cat ladies.

    14. Pinup girls.

    15. Ads that would be banned today.

    16. Kangaroos bowling with models.

    17. Gifs.

    18. Foods you will never eat again.

    19. Old Halloween photos that will haunt your dreams.

    20. Ventriloquist dummies that will haunt your dreams.

    21. Pictures of Apple's '80s clothing line.

    22. '90s stars communicating on Twitter.

    23. Old photos of gay couples.

    24. Ke$ha's 9th grade yearbook picture.

    25. Burlesque photos from the 1890s.

    26. Jumpsuits from the '70s.

    27. BOYBANDS.

    28. Witty comebacks from historical figures, like this one between some random lady at the White House and Calvin Coolidge.

    29. 1960s housewives on acid.

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    30. And as many...

    31. ...embarrassing...

    32. ...Justin Timberlake pictures...

    33. we can find.

    34. Oh, we're also on the lookout for '90s Ryan Gosling pinups, too.

    We hope you'll like!

    TL;DR version: