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71 Things Straight People Have No Idea Are Actually Gay

Just an FYI.

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1. Iced coffee

2. Passing people on the street

3. Walking fast in general

4. Laura Dern

5. Going to the gym

6. Talking about not going to the gym

Iced coffee is a full gay meal

7. The underwear aisle in a store

8. Vodka sodas

9. Tank tops

10. Wearing a tank top when you shouldn’t be wearing a tank top

11. Brunch

12. Getting drunk at brunch and then taking a nap from 3-6

13. Always being tired in general

"Can I get a gay water?" "What's that" "a vodka soda, duh"

14. Happy hour

15. Most dogs

16. All puppies

17. Cats are lesbians, BTW

18. Wearing straight brim hats backwards

19. Talking about not having abs

20. Twitter

21. The God Warrior

Trading Spouses

22. Most memes

23. Avocados

24. Naming your dog “Finn”

25. Sitting like this:

why do all gay people sit like this

26. Meeting someone five times and still not remembering their name

27. Charli XCX

28. Wendy Williams

29. Talking about drinking water

30. Never actually drinking water

31. Most lettuces

32. Kale, especially

John Gara for BuzzFeed

33. Football (the outfits and Super Bowl halftime show)

34. Liking 10 pictures on someone’s instagram and then not following them

35. Dolphins

36. Seltzer

37. Mr. Clean

Mr. Clean

38. Bandanas

39. Cheese plates

40. The name “Blake”

41. Wrestling

42. Spaghetti squash recipes

43. "Beanie season"

44. Smoothies

45. Hummus

46. Quinoa

47. Middle aged women who love wine

48. Pinot grigio

Bravo / Via T. Kyle/

49. Palm Springs

50. 1/2 of Chicago

51. DC

52. Most of New York and LA

53. Europe (most countries)

54. Mykonos

I wish I could be one of those gays in Mykonos that everyone makes fun of

55. Bowls (like quinoa or rice bowls)

56. Getting into crystals and essential oils

57. Screaming internally

58. Anxiety

59. Depression

60. Blaming everything on anxiety and depression

61. Having a green tea phase

62. The word “dad”

63. The word “mom”

64: Standing like this:

65. Astrology

66. Pretending to know and care about Astrology

67. Blaming things on Mercury being in retrograde

68. Not actually having any idea what Mercury in retrograde is

69. Being shocked when someone doesn’t know their rising sign

astrology is the gay christianity

70. Purposely not watching an award show just to say you didn't watch it

71. And obviously Bugles

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