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    32 Pictures That Show Just How Bad The NYC Subway Has Gotten

    What is even happening?

    1. In case you haven't heard, the NYC subway system is really really fucking awful.

    2. Trains are literally derailing...

    New York City subway train derails, scaring passengers and injuring 34.

    3. ...and getting to work has become a damn UNDERTAKING.

    #evacuation @MTA #Dtrain @FDNY to the rescue!

    4. It's really fucking scary.

    5. People are literally jumping onto the tracks to get to the next station.

    6. Blackouts have become the norm.

    Currently stuck on the D train @MTA now for over 1.5 hours. Some being evacuated. No AC. Folks kinda freaking out,…

    7. It seems like every damn day you hear about people trapped in trains.

    MTA 🔥#125th st A-Train: shout to all the brave NY people who held it down this morning! @MTA @NYDailyNews @nytimes

    8. Seriously, watch this video. It's honestly scarier than any horror movie.

    S/b F train stuck for over an hour w/o light and air just rolled up-passengers dripping with sweat begging to get o…

    9. Trains are being held together by DUCT TAPE...

    My R train is being held together by duct tape. #everythingisfine cc @MTA @NYGovCuomo @NYCMayor @NYCTSubway

    10. ...and ZIP TIES.

    Zip ties used on the undercarriage of a this standard? How often are these checked for wear and tear?…

    11. And if you think the inside of a train is bad, outside there are NO TRASH CANS:

    12. I mean, brakes on trains are failing.

    The brakes on my C train malfunctioned and we all have to walk to the front to evacuate the train F U CUOMO @MTA

    13. The machines never work.

    Unbelievable @mta it's 2017 #CoinsOnly #onlyInNYC #AllMachinesCoinsOnly

    14. And people are literally getting trapped in doors.

    No one helps woman with head trapped between subway doors @nypmetro @nypost

    15. Even the rats have taken to pole dancing.

    It's showtime for this pole-dancing subway rat

    Anything to pass the time.

    16. It's the real-life Hunger Games out there!

    17. There are fires...

    18. ...and waterfalls. It's like a TLC music video out here.

    Our subways are so scenic, like a tropical waterfall.

    19. Oh yeah and the trains that are constantly on fire and running off the tracks? They're NEVER on time.

    20. People have actually started prepping their daily commute for disaster.

    As an #activist I've learned to always be prepared. W/the #NYC #Subway system falling apart I added the following t…

    21. Nothing makes sense anymore. Riding the subway is like deciphering a damn secret code.

    22. The platforms are packed.

    #LTrain broken. Platform dangerous. @MTA agent refused to refund my fare or give me a voucher. Fix this @NYGovCuomo…

    23. The escalators are just glorified stairs.

    24. And don't get me started on the elevators. Have you ever even seen one that actually works?

    25. It's like a damn zoo out there.

    26. It's nuts.

    27. Truly, truly insane.

    And the award for most dramatic @MTA employee goes to whoever made this masterpiece:

    28. It's awful.

    29. And it's only getting worse.

    NYC subways on-time performance 2011-2017

    30. And the worst part? They're considering making you pay more for the privilege to experience hell in a commute.

    31. Cut the bullshit...

    32. ...and fix the problem before it's too late.