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The Spirit Of Staten Island In 27 Pictures

Staten Island will rise again!

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9. Families are pitching in.

Via gramfeed.com

This picture was captioned on Instagram: "The Fleming family decided to drive around Staten Island giving out free coffee. Even that one cup of hot coffee made a big difference to people. New Yorkers are really getting on board these days by volunteering in the disaster areas. It's a beautiful uplifting thing."

17. Memories are being found.

Mike Segar / Reuters

Kate Traina looks at a strip of photographic negatives as she joined other family members as they were salvaging items from her grandparents' home.

18. Pets are being reunited with their owners.

Via gramfeed.com

This picture was captioned: "So we're cleaning at this house along the shore and all of the sudden we hear screaming... The family found their cat that they've been calling for days!"

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