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The Spirit Of Staten Island In 27 Pictures

Staten Island will rise again!

Staten Island was one of the areas hardest hit by Hurricane Sandy.

Just complete, utter devastation...

1. But now the people of Staten Island are rebuilding.

2. There are signs of hope all around.


4. Neighbors are coming together.

5. Volunteers are arriving to help.

6. And cleanup has begun!

7. People have opened up their homes.

8. And more importantly, their bathrooms.

9. Families are pitching in.

10. Those with power are giving it away for free.

11. Services are being offered for free.

12. Hot dogs and hamburgers are being grilled.

13. Clothes are being stacked.

14. Flags are being raised.


16. Supplies handed out.

17. Memories are being found.

18. Pets are being reunited with their owners.

19. And through it all, some still have a sense of humor.


21. So yeah, Sandy you really suck.

22. And you broke a lot of hearts.

23. But the people of Staten Island, along with our help, will make it.



26. One bowl of pasta at a time.

27. "You can take our home. But you can't take our heart!"