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The 40 Most Insane Things That Happened In Florida In 2012

2012 was another stellar year for Florida. Let's take a look and remember the good times.

40. Some dude robbed a store with a pair of shorts on his head.


39. Some dude adopted his girlfriend.

38. Busch Gardens allowed visitors to play tug-of-war with a tiger.

37. These two guys killed their neighbor's pet turkey.

36. God told this woman to drive 100mph.

35. This 52-year-old woman rode a manatee...

Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office

...and was later arrested.

Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office

34. The "Mystery Monkey" was caught.

33. The Hulk Hogan sex tape happened.

32. This giant mysterious eyeball washed up on a beach.

31. A Fox News–obsessed man stabbed his wife because she didn't like Fox News.

30. This dude shit his pants.

29. This dude got a DUI with a squirrel in his shirt.

28. A little girl got electrocuted and died FROM PLAYING MINI GOLF.



27. A restaurant thought it was okay to have an item on its menu called the "Wetback Willie."

26. These giant Gambian pouched rats infiltrated the Florida Keys.

Reuters / Via

25. There was a fight over HARMONICAS.

24. A woman called the cops because she didn't know where to pee in the woods.


23. Young people drank hand sanitizer.

22. A man got a DUI on his lawnmower.


21. A guy died from eating roaches.

20. This old man allowed his grandson to get a tattoo.

19. This:

18. This too:

17. A mother and daughter became porn moguls.

16. A man got violent over garlic knots.

15. A fish attacked a teacher.


14. This guy was arrested:

13. A goat broke a world record.

12. These two got in a violent fight over taco sauce.

11. A man attacked three women with a sword and a sandwich.


10. A woman attacked a man with ice cream.

9. This mom bit her daughter over a Rihanna CD.

8. This happened:

7. Also this:


6. !!!!!!!!!!

5. Raccoons peed on students.

4. A ninja robber terrorized the state.

3. This guy ate another guy's arm.


2. This guy ate another guy's face.

Miami-Dade Police Dept. / AP

1. And a woman had her butthole tattooed.