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The 40 Most Insane Things That Happened In Florida In 2012

2012 was another stellar year for Florida. Let's take a look and remember the good times.

40. Some dude robbed a store with a pair of shorts on his head.

39. Some dude adopted his girlfriend.

38. Busch Gardens allowed visitors to play tug-of-war with a tiger.

37. These two guys killed their neighbor's pet turkey.

36. God told this woman to drive 100mph.

35. This 52-year-old woman rode a manatee...

...and was later arrested.

34. The "Mystery Monkey" was caught.

33. The Hulk Hogan sex tape happened.

32. This giant mysterious eyeball washed up on a beach.

31. A Fox News–obsessed man stabbed his wife because she didn't like Fox News.

30. This dude shit his pants.

29. This dude got a DUI with a squirrel in his shirt.

28. A little girl got electrocuted and died FROM PLAYING MINI GOLF.

27. A restaurant thought it was okay to have an item on its menu called the "Wetback Willie."

26. These giant Gambian pouched rats infiltrated the Florida Keys.

25. There was a fight over HARMONICAS.

24. A woman called the cops because she didn't know where to pee in the woods.

23. Young people drank hand sanitizer.

22. A man got a DUI on his lawnmower.

21. A guy died from eating roaches.

20. This old man allowed his grandson to get a tattoo.

19. This:

18. This too:

17. A mother and daughter became porn moguls.

16. A man got violent over garlic knots.

15. A fish attacked a teacher.

14. This guy was arrested:

13. A goat broke a world record.

12. These two got in a violent fight over taco sauce.

11. A man attacked three women with a sword and a sandwich.

10. A woman attacked a man with ice cream.

9. This mom bit her daughter over a Rihanna CD.

8. This happened:

7. Also this:

6. !!!!!!!!!!

5. Raccoons peed on students.

4. A ninja robber terrorized the state.

3. This guy ate another guy's arm.

2. This guy ate another guy's face.

1. And a woman had her butthole tattooed.