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A Picture Of Taylor Swift Intensely Listening To Sophie Turner Is Going Viral For Obvious Reasons

Can't wait to hear this one on the next album.

Earlier this week, the internet went wild when Taylor Swift and Sophie Turner *reunited* for dinner in New York.

Closeup of Sophie Turner and Taylor Swift

Why is this a big deal? Well, lemme fill you in.

Closeup of Sophie and Taylor

Taylor dated Sophie's ex, Joe Jonas, in 2008. Taylor also wrote a song about him called "Mr. Perfectly Fine."

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Joe and Taylor have since made up, and are seemingly okay, but people were still waiting for a Sophie/Taylor reunion.

Twitter: @watchinwisteria
^That tweet was from weeks before Taylor and Sophie went to dinner. We were expecting this!

Then it happened.

Sophie Turner and Taylor Swift

Now, a pic of Taylor listening to Sophie at dinner is going viral...

Closeup of Taylor Swift

Here it is:

Twitter: @ThrowbackTaylor

As you can see, that's the look of someone *intensely* listening.

Twitter: @mattriddance

That's the face of someone looking for revenge.

Twitter: @msLauravel

That's the face of someone reconciling with their own trauma.

Twitter: @diablogenesi

And that's definitely the face of someone putting together a song.

Twitter: @asherw01fe

"I know the moment Sophie looked away her ass was writing down the Notes app," this person said.

Twitter: @Lamentationss

"A bridge was written at this moment," another said.

Twitter: @GODputation

We've all been that person before.

Twitter: @fa_a001

"I've never seen a more representative picture of SEATED," this person said.

Twitter: @santmg

"I'd sell my organs to know all the details of this convo," another commented.

Twitter: @KyaraCalae

This person simply said: "Joe it's over for you."

Twitter: @kit_kathy_

Ultimately, we'll def be seeing this reaction pic for years to come.

Twitter: @mcjello303


Twitter: @xoxolouaylor