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    Posted on Jul 29, 2014

    Stop What You're Doing And Watch This Guy Whip His Huge-Ass Wigs Around

    Hi, meet your idol and new inspiration.

    4 things you need to know in order to enjoy these videos:

    1. This enchanting and mystifying human being's name is Micah Da Mac.

    2. He's a professional wig maker based out of Atlanta.

    3. His wigs are fucking incredible.

    4. He posts the most mesmerizing instagram videos of himself whipping said wigs around.

    This is arguably the best one, featuring Tinashe's summer anthem and Cassie throwback, "2 On."

    This one's called "10 bundles bitch."

    And here's "F L A W L E S S."

    This is the best White Chicks parody you will probably ever see.

    A continuation on "2 On" because that song and this wig are so good.

    He's perfected the use of slow motion.

    He's also perfected the best way of dealing with basic bitches.

    There's like 8 of him in this one.

    2 of him in this one.

    And his Aaliyah tribute is some next level A+ shit.

    Now, switching gears...

    Britney please, you know I love you, but you gotta call up Micah Da Mac.


    This comes from a place of love. Bye.

    H/t Calvin and Queerty.

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