13 Steps To Get You Through The Heatwave

Feeling too hot? Cool off instantly by reading this post.

1. Step 1: Put on your lotus leaves.

China Daily / Reuters

This little Chinese boy wears lotus leaves to protect against hot weather on a street in Chaohu city.

2. Step 2: Imagine you are a dog; you see a sprinkler for the first time. Now jump.

6. Step 3: Make this noise.

7. Step 4: Stare at this gif. You will begin to feel the breeze.

8. Step 5: Stuff an ice cream cone up your nose.

9. Your nose just became cold.

10. Step 6: Visualize yourself hugging a huge block of ice.


11. Step 7: Try out this vintage Destiny’s Child pose.

12. Step 8: Sloth it out.

13. Step 9: Channel your cool inner panda.

19. Step 10: Channel this guy too.

20. Step 11: FROZEN PEAS.

21. Step 12: Ahhhhhhhhh, you just fell into a fountain and you don’t even care how dirty the water is.

Tim Shaffer / Reuters
Karoly Arvai / Reuters

24. Step 13: Last but certainly not least, imagine being stuck in a rainstorm with Ryan Gosling.

25. It’s chilly out.

26. The rain is cold.

27. You and Ryan embrace.

Oops. Sorry. I didn’t mean to heat you up again with these Ryan pics. I guess you have to look at this post all over again.

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