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    Sam Rockwell's Opinion On 56 Completely Random Things

    He would rather poop a softball.

    Sam Rockwell has been in approximately a million movies in the past 20 years including Moon, The Way Way Back, Conviction, The Green Mile, and of course, Charlie's Angels. Now, he stars alongside Marisa Tomei, Michael Godere, Ivan Martin and Brian Geraghty in Loitering With Intent. Sam stopped by BuzzFeed New York to answer every ridiculous question we could think of, and here's how that went.

    1. Yoga:

    2. Vegans:

    3. Neck beards:

    4. Space travel:

    5. Crocs:

    6. The state Idaho:

    7. Cankles:

    8. Scientology:

    9. The name "Pip":

    10. Segways:

    11. Do you enjoy showering?


    12. Have you seen The Wire?

    A little bit.

    13. Favorite planet?


    14. Least favorite planet?


    15. Pick an Olsen twin.

    I worked with Elizabeth in Godzilla and I liked her a lot, so I'll go with her.

    16. Best bowling score?


    17. Any hidden talents?

    I mean, I've got a couple up my sleeve. We don't need to talk about it.

    18. Do you own plants?

    One plant.

    19. What kind of plant?

    I don't really know.

    20. Favorite date of the year?

    The day after New Year's.

    21. Favorite Disney Princess?

    The one in Aladdin.

    22. Delivery or DiGiorno?

    What's DiGiorno?

    23. Have you met Drake?

    Who's Drake?

    24. What color is your toothbrush?

    It's like white and blue.

    25. If you could bathe in any liquid besides water, what would it be?


    26. What kind of beer?


    27. Do you use Post-it notes?

    No. I'm not opposed to them, though.

    28. What do you think about camping?

    Over it.

    29. Have you pooped in the woods?


    30. Have you been in a spelling bee?


    31. Are you superstitious?

    No. I'm a recovering superstitious.

    32. Have you been on a cruise?


    33. Would you ever go on a cruise?


    34. 1% , 2%, skim, or whole milk?

    Whole milk.

    35. Least favorite natural disaster?

    Dying. Being dead.

    36. Who's your favorite relative?

    That's tricky. I'm gonna plead the fifth.

    37. What time do you go to bed?


    38. What time do you get up?


    39. Have you ever gotten a spray tan?


    40. How was it?


    41. What's your favorite element?


    42. How do airplanes work?


    43. Last song that was stuck in your head?

    "Toothpaste Kisses."

    44. Have you ever met Oprah?


    45. Christmas or Thanksgiving?

    I don't know. They're both pretty good.

    46. Can you do any good impressions?

    No. I can only do bad impressions. I can do Marlon Brando in A Dry White Season.

    47. Would you rather be 4'4" or 7'7"?

    7'7". I'm gonna go Kareem Abdul.

    48. Would you rather only be able to whisper or only be able to shout?


    49. Would you rather have a permanent unibrow or no eyebrows at all?

    Well, I already do have a permanent unibrow you just can't see it.

    50. Would you rather use sandpaper as toilet paper or use hot sauce as eye drops?

    Sandpaper because I could gently apply it.

    51. Would you rather permanent clown face or permanent clown clothes?

    Clown clothes. For sure. Much funnier. You could still get laid with clown clothes, I don't know about clown makeup.

    52. Would you rather have hiccups every day for the rest of your life, or feel like you are going to sneeze during every moment of the rest of your life?


    53. Would you rather be able to speak any language fluently or be able to talk to animals?

    Talk to animals.

    54. Would you rather sweat mayo or poop a softball?

    I'm gonna poop a softball. I don't want to get that mayo all over my clothes.

    55. Would you rather be sexually attracted to fruit or have Cheetos dust permanently on your fingers?

    Cheetos dust. You'd get caught by your wife fucking an orange.

    56. Would you rather have a bell go off every single time you were aroused or feel a sharp pain in your side every single time someone said your name?

    The bell. That's a no-brainer.

    Loitering With Intent is available now on iTunes and On Demand. It will be in theaters starting Jan. 16, 2015.