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    19 Rihanna Watching Basketball Pictures You Have To See Before You Die

    These pictures will bring you good luck and good fortune, guaranteed.

    1. Let's start, as all BuzzFeed posts should start, with a picture of Rihanna jerking off a foam finger.


    2. Now that you've had a proper introduction to this post, let's take a look at some more Rihanna at basketball pictures because it's one of the greatest genres of online content.

    3. When Rihanna shows up to a basketball game she really shows up to a basketball game.

    Me, you, all of us.

    4. Here's a picture of Rihanna lurking in the background of a Lebron James picture.

    I'm getting Tori from those shitty seasons of "Saved By The Bell" meets "witch who likes basketball" meets "queen of pop." A look.

    5. Here's another Rih-lurk.

    Me, you, all of us watching all those guys in basketball shorts...

    6. The iconic bubblegum pink look.

    7. A single boob grab.

    8. Here's a picture of her on the phone.

    I feel that.

    9. This face, can relate.

    10. I feel all of it!

    11. I'm not sure what this move is...

    ...but OK I am right there with you.

    12. Can you imagine being that random person Rihanna is not only acknowledging exists but also agreeing with?

    13. Here she is just, like, yelling.

    14. And just, like, being disgusted.

    Queen of "Oh shit!"

    15. Then other times she's just really cute.

    16. Here she is eating cotton candy in a bucket hat bonding with some rando little kid.

    17. Why...does this make me emotional (but also extremeeeely jealous).

    18. In conclusion, you will now live three years longer because you have seen these pictures.

    19. Now send this picture of Rihanna flashing a peace sign to three friends or you will have bad luck forever*.