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    Posted on Apr 17, 2013

    40 Reasons I Want To Be Anna Kendrick's Best Friend

    Anna Kendrick is legit so cool and funny. BE MY FRIEND.

    40. We could talk about all of the times we've masturbated in movie theaters to Ryan Gosling movies.

    39. I think "suck it" is one of the important hand gestures of the past 20 years.

    38. We could go to corgi meetups and be "those people" who don't actually have corgis.

    37. We could go to petting zoos and make fun of the mini horses haircuts.

    36. I fucking love cupcakes.

    35. I think "Lady Fonz" totally fits you.

    34. Betty White is a hero of mine as well.

    33. Watching "Real Housewives" and eating bean dip is my ideal Saturday night.

    32. Or we could get really drunk.

    31. Then we could make someone drive us to T-Bell and stuff our faces with Doritos tacos.

    30. It's perfect! We can lie and tell people our wounds are from drinking

    29. I want to lit'rally kill anyone who has the alarm bell as their ringtone. They should all die!

    28. I too have seen every episode of "Hoarders." Have you tried "My Strange Addiction"?

    27. I also look like an idiot taking pictures.

    26. Resisting petting service dogs is a serious problem of mine as well.


    24. Cookies + meth = THE BEST.

    23. Adult happy meals = BRILLIANT.

    22. Agreed. That is the WORST.

    21. Yup. Would happen to me too.

    20. I've wondered the same thing!

    19. This too.

    18. I love Ikea!

    17. We could watch "Clueless" together.

    16. Or "Millionaire Matchmaker."

    15. Jesus. We have so much in common. And yes, this tree IS a slut.

    14. I got a nerd boner too!

    13. BOOBS!

    12. Vaginas!

    11. This is truth.


    9. I swear I wouldn't wear heels on a cross country flight.

    8. I'm gay so it wouldn't even matter

    7. We can play this game.

    6. Listen to Beyonce.

    5. Tweet Spanish love poems.

    4. Question why so many girls post pictures of their hair on instagram.

    3. Fuck up a few hours on the beach.

    2. Or just be bored.


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