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24 Pictures That Perfectly Capture How Insane The Snow In New England Is


1. In case you didn't know, there is whole lot of snow in New England right now. We're talking historic-level shit. The snowiest place in America.

We have a NEW champion for snowiest city in America. Sorry Worcester. Trained spotter @ShawnKMCW reports 111" Lowell!

2. If hell were a frozen place, it would look like New England and all the Dunkin' Donuts would be closed.

My goodness look at this photo. Laura in Hull sent it in. #buried


4. The snow drifts are so high that people cannot see out of their windows.

Here you go @FOX25Shiri I like my big window over my kitchen sink, but snow pile is too big. This is in Brockton.

5. "What a lovely snowbank view you have here!" has become a common New England saying.

6 foot snowbanks outside our office lobby window! What a winter here in Amesbury, MA #BOSnow

6. Look at this person's door! LOOK AT IT!

@universalhub my sis' front door at Plum Island

7. We're talking walls of snow. Like, c'mon.

It's been snowing a little in Boston. #BOSnow


.@klemanowicz snow drifts between houses in Dot blocking basement doors. Gonna tunnel to the neighbors @sarameinke

9. !!!!!!! !!!!!!! !!!!!!!

More pics of my brother house on greatneck in #ipswich can you say snow drift! #necnsnow #necn #weatherchannel

10. People are skiiing down the streets.

Boston has gotten so much snow that I now have a ski-in ski-out apartment. [x-post from r/Boston] …

11. This guy is tunneling out of his window.

I #WishIWasInBermuda because I'm stuck in over 7 feet of snow in #Boston! Tunneling out of my window...

12. Kids are sledding off roofs.

The Great Boston Blitz of 2015 (new blog post) - http://t.co/DNQyjIRXhF

13. And there's even some crazy guy golfing in the middle of the street like he's Will Smith in I Am Legend.

Golf atop Mt. Copley! @universalhub @OnlyInBOS

14. There's a new mountain range near MIT that they're calling "the Alps of MIT."

The 'Alps of MIT' http://t.co/l9pubfIdKd

15. It's a snowbank, and it's insane. It's also called "Mount Cambridgemanjaro."

One of the gigantic snow piles near MIT. They're calling it Mt. Cambridgemanjaro (or Mt. Simmons. It has many names).

16. People have to dig tunnels out of their homes.

Digging out my back door in Brockton. A tunnel seems like the only (best) option. @mikeseidel @JimCantore

17. Sidewalk tunnels have become a way of life.

Construction on L St Tunnel complete. 1st tunnel in Boston finished on time/under budget #SouthieSnowmageddon #BOSnow

18. This is how the Chicopee Police Department had to get into work.

This was how we had to enter the PD today. Be careful out there, take it slow with your commute.

19. I mean, look at this train going through the snow!


20. Ambulances are buried.

What is your best caption for this picture out of Boston?

21. Any car on the street is basically screwed. RIP.

PLEASE REMOVE THE SNOW FROM YOUR CAR ROOF, EVEN IF ITS 4 FEET DEEP MT @berkie1: IDriving down Huntington Ave. #bosnow

22. Be thankful you're not in New England right now.

23. Give it up already, Mama Nature.

24. *Jennifer Lopez voice* "Enough."

In case anyone is confused this is a CAR #northend #bosnow #boston