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10 Photos Of Mark Wahlberg That Will Restore Your Faith In His Hotness

Save me.

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1. Hidden behind this wall of waves and ocean skeet stands a man you probably forgot could DILF so hard.

2. Dad?

Islandpaps / Splash News

3. No, it's Mark Wahlberg you dummy and he's here to destroy you. infitmi-04

4. And by destroy you, I mean sexually like in a good way.

Islandpaps / Splash News

5. You see, beaches are a cool place to be because all bets are off. And by bets, I mean shirts. And I know that doesn't make any sense but get used to it. infitmi-04

6. I am literally just saying random shit because I want an excuse to post this picture.

Islandpaps / Splash News

7. This picture. infitmi-04

8. And especially this picture.

Islandpaps / Splash News

9. To sum it up, here's another picture of Mark Wahlberg on a beach. infitmi-04

10. Hopefully he wore sunscreen. infitmi-04