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25 People Who Prove The Thirst Is Truly Real

Quench yourselves before it's too late.

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The thirst (n):

An epidemic that seems to be spreading fast. The thirst occurs when a male or female does anything for a person because they are yearning for attention or sex.

The following are 25 examples proving once and for all that the thirst is a real thing.

1. Glassy balls:

2. Shit hands:

3. Justin Bieber fans like Dale:

4. These other two Justin Bieber fans:

5. The girl who wants to bottle Justin Bieber's semen:

6. Basically all Justin Bieber fans:

7. Helga Patacki:

8. That random person you went to college with and totally forgot/have no idea who they even were that randomly messages you:

9. Most One Direction fans:

10. Tiana:

11. Anyone who spells "today" as two words just so it can be two separate texts to further creep you out:

12. These paper towels:

13. Everyone in this picture:

14. Anthony Bourdain:

15. Susan Mayer from Desperate Housewives:

16. The guy who left this on a receipt:

17. Kenny Powers:

18. The guy who wants to be a wedgie:

19. Ben:

20. The guy that had sexual relations with a snowman:

21. The guy who called the police because he needed a woman:

22. Golden_hippie:

23. My spirit child:

24. Kelsey and her chicken wing:

25. And lastly, this horrifying older couple:

Now please, satisfy that thirst before it's too late...

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