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    23 Old Tweets I'm Surprised Ariana Grande Hasn't Deleted Yet

    "Sorry to the boys who had to suffer reading this tweet." Lol ok.

    Once upon a time, like 10 years ago, Ariana Grande didn't just tweet black hearts, cryptic lyrics, and things like "yuh" and "yooo" and "i-" at people.

    10 years ago, Obama was president, phones still had headphone jacks, and Ariana Grande was a literal child on that "Victorious" TV show tweeting about being allowed to eat Cocoa Puffs. Enjoy these rare gems because I'm pretty sure Ari will do a social media blackout someday and they'll be gone forever.

    Jason Merritt / Getty Images

    1. Her vomit in her mouth because of math moment:

    2. Her iPhone update moment:

    3. Her cabbie moment:

    4. Her Bon Jovi moment:

    5. Her other Bon Jovi moment:

    6. Her apologizing for making boys suffer moment:

    7. Her albino dolphin moment:

    8. Her truly shocking, embarrassing, and low key disgraceful confession moment:

    9. Her CoCoa Puffs moment:

    10. Her um/funbrella moment:

    11. Her Facebook chat moment:

    12. Her "I just saw some ducks so I have to tweet about it" moment:

    13. Her almond milk moment:

    14. Her pumpkin pie bubble bath sigh love of philosophy moment:

    15. Her grandpa should definitely not be driving moment:

    16. Her dentist moment:

    17. Her digital smoothie moment:

    18. Her Ludacris is so effortlessly awesome moment:

    19. Her Kevin Jonas alien dream moment:

    20. Her Kindle is the best invention ever moment:

    21. Her myspace moment:

    22. Her bio class moment:

    23. And her old people who can't hear or count moment:

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