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27 Times I've Felt Personally Attacked By The Grammys


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This morning I woke up to my own personal hell. The Grammys announced their nominations and Kesha's gorgeous album Rainbow wasn't there in the Album of the Year category*.


*THANKFULLY she was nominated for Pop Vocal Performance and Pop Vocal Album, tho.


In retaliation, I've compiled this list of times I was personally offended by the Grammys. Enjoy.

2. ...and that's not even me being a bitter little shit. I have nothing against Xtina. I nearly vomited when Justin Timberlake beat Christina's "Stripped" for Pop Vocal Album in 2004.


6. Don't even get me started about one of the most influential albums of the 21st century, Britney's Blackout, being completely snubbed! Zero noms whatsoever!


14. And let's all take a moment to LOL at a BECK beating Beyoncé. Funny!

What is a Beck? And why does it have Beyonce's Grammy?


22. Furthermore, can you believe we live in a world where the Michigan State University Children's Choir has more Grammys than icon Mandy Moore?!?

I think you get the point. I'm not angry at the Grammys, just disappointed. Now SZA better win this year or I riot (and by riot I mean send an angry tweet or something).


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