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22 Ridiculously Hot Male Nurses

There's nothing hotter than a murse.

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2. Help me with my vitamin ~D~ deficiency.

Instagram: @riy_mo

3. Take ALL OF MY temperatures*.

Instagram: @acostavaldez

*IDK what that even really means TBH.

4. Yes, please take a closer look.

Instagram: @stetstom_pdm

5. A sponge bath? Why, I wouldn't want you to bother, but since you offered...

6. I know I'm about to feel a prick. The bigger, the better.

7. You say I "won't feel a thing," but I'd actually love to feel "a thing."

Instagram: @johnmypics

9. Mouth to mouth would make me feel better.

Instagram: @swoletrainfromukraine

11. Giving me my *****! 😉

Instagram: @nursenel_

12. Stick the thermometer ** **.

Instagram: @jakegrez

13. *Plays with his stethoscope*

Instagram: @ertugrul

14. *Raises the blood pressure in my pants*

Instagram: @liston_carswell

16. Suddenly I have an irregular heartbeat.

Instagram: @ny

19. Take me to the ER.

Instagram: @bradyharpo

*Not sure that's a thing, and sounds kind of gross. Sorry.

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