22 Ridiculously Hot Male Nurses

    There's nothing hotter than a murse.

    2. Help me with my vitamin ~D~ deficiency.

    3. Take ALL OF MY temperatures*.

    4. Yes, please take a closer look.

    5. A sponge bath? Why, I wouldn't want you to bother, but since you offered...

    6. I know I'm about to feel a prick. The bigger, the better.

    7. You say I "won't feel a thing," but I'd actually love to feel "a thing."

    8. Feel free to check my ~vitals~.

    9. Mouth to mouth would make me feel better.

    10. *Temperature rises*

    11. Giving me palpitations...in my *****! 😉

    12. Stick the thermometer ** **.

    13. *Plays with his stethoscope*

    14. *Raises the blood pressure in my pants*

    15. The only cure is you.

    16. Suddenly I have an irregular heartbeat.

    17. *Heart beats even faster*

    18. Do you make house calls?

    19. Take me to the ER.

    20. Revive me.

    21. Literally just nurse me.

    22. NURSE ME!!!

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