Introducing The "Nouveau Bro"

    There's a new type of bro and no, he doesn't wear those Adidas flip-flops.

    Nouveau Bro:

    A new breed of bro, usually found in urban areas, who are more sophisticated than bros of the past. They don't wear shorts in the wintertime, they're not embarrassed to order a diet soda, and they don't draw penises everywhere.

    Nouveau Bros have become some of the most desirable men in popular culture. Among them are Calvin Harris, Ryan Gosling, and Michael B. Jordan.

    You are probably friends with many of them because they're generally not horrible people.

    And in case you're wondering more about them, here's a list of things that Nouveau Bros love:

    1. Man buns

    2. Talking about man buns

    3. Thinking man buns are cool

    4. Trying to grow a man bun

    5. Complimenting their friends with man buns

    6. This haircut:

    7. Snapchat

    8. Making Snapchat stories

    9. Being cool with gay people

    10. Having a gay friend

    11. Acknowledging how handsome another guy is

    12. Singing the song "Wrecking Ball"

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    13. Saying "brah" ironically

    14. Minimalistic tattoos

    15. Shopping at Uniqlo

    16. This Uniqlo sweatshirt:

    17. Chris Pratt

    18. Drake

    19. Memes

    20. Asking you if you watch Game of Thrones

    21. Being surprised that you don't watch Game of Thrones

    22. Sometimes getting a burrito bowl at Chipotle

    23. These Adidas sweatpants:

    24. Getting into wine

    25. The World Cup

    26. Soccer, in general

    27. Basketball jerseys

    28. Tinder

    29. The prayer hands emoji

    30. Calling everything a "dive bar"

    31. Identifying as a "Crossfitter"

    32. Trying P90X

    33. Saying "I can't drink tonight"

    34. Cutting their nails

    35. Vaping

    36. Plaid everything

    37. Jeans that fit

    38. Getting things framed

    39. Learning how to make cocktails

    40. Old Fashioneds

    41. Warby Parker

    42. The Pacific Northwest

    43. Ordering whiskey gingers

    44. J. Crew

    45. Calling Taylor Swift "T. Swift"

    46. Warming up to pop music

    47. Colorful socks

    48. Discussing grilling

    49. Owning one candle

    Also, just bought a candle for the first time. It shattered in the parking lot. Guess I wasn't made out for the candle lifestyle.

    50. Dressing up in costumes

    51. Boat shoes

    52. Wiffle ball

    53. Calling Instagram "Insta"

    54. Being proud of being able to tie a tie

    55. Being proud of being into rosé

    56. Owning a pair of shorts that go above the knee

    57. Feeling cool for owning a pair of shorts that go above the knee

    58. Cuffed jeans

    59. Snapback hats

    60. V-necks

    61. Watching Bravo with their girlfriend

    62. Buying old video game consoles on eBay

    63. Ordering a Diet Coke and not being embarrassed about it

    64. And lastly but most importantly: gingham print