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    23 Songs You Won't Believe Aren't On Spotify

    What do we want? Eden's Crush! When do we want it? Honestly ASAP please.

    Note: The following songs aren't available on U.S. Spotify. They might be available elsewhere.

    1. "Super Girl" by Krystal Harris

    2. "Leave (Get Out)" by Jojo

    3. "Am to PM" by Christina Milian

    4. "What Dreams Are Made Of" by Lizzie McGuire and Italian pop star, Isabella.

    5. "Louboutins" by Jennifer Lopez

    6. "Jam (Turn It Up)" by Kim Kardashian

    7. Aaliyah’s discography

    8. Girlicious' discography

    9. Hillary Duff’s Christmas album

    10. The Josie and the Pussycats soundtrack

    11. The "Zoey 101" theme song.

    12. "Natural" by S Club 7

    13. All of the remixes of "Bossy" by Lindsay Lohan

    14. "Joy Of Pepsi" by Britney Spears

    15. "Runaway" by Janet Jackson

    16. Anything by the nuns from "Sister Act"

    17. Anything by 2gether

    18. Beyoncé's "Lemonade" album

    19. "H.A.T.U. remix" by Mariah Carey

    20. Nicola Roberts' solo album

    21. Anything by Eden's Crush

    22. "Till The World Ends" remix by Britney Spears, Nicki Minaj, and Kesha

    23. "Supernova Girl" from the Disney Channel original movie, "Zenon: Girl Of The 21st Century"